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Discussion in 'Serious Chat' started by Magick, Aug 29, 2002.

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    MoJo Well-Known Member

    Aug 21, 2002
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    1. My name is scott
    2. I have legs
    3. I'm male
    4. I'm 16
    5. I love Amy!
    6. I'm good a poota games
    7. I can program visual basic
    8. I'm on the internet at the moment :p
    9. i look like brad apparently
    10. I'm Aussie
    11. My other nickname is Sir-Spam-Alot

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    ¤KiTo½¤ Guest

    LMOF now thats what I call SPAM!

    lol :lol: :lol: :lol:

    ¤KiTo½¤ :joe:
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    CinnamonSpider Well-Known Member

    Jul 25, 2002
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    your-an-alcohol?! (w00t)

    :lol: alcohol...ooh, mr. pony found a friend :p
    <_< dude, those hyphens. ya know i am willing on helping you fix it, just get on a messenger! ANY! :D i dunno how many times i have told you that :unsure:

    now, a lil somethin somethin on me...
    1/name'z crystal
    2/is hispanic
    3/is 18
    4/lives in los angeles, ca.
    5/works @ starbucks
    6/is short <_< [5'2"]
    7/loves GTA3 [cant wait for vice city-(w00t)120 cars, 40 guns & 9 hours of music]
    8/is a hip-hop head - :wub: BTNH
    9/is wearing hokums :wub: Nastazio :p
    10/hates TV, the only ish i watch is COPS and music videos [BET&MTV2]
    11/took forever to post this due to interruptions from james

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    Alex Ambient

    Jul 13, 2002
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    hey davy, give me back my tic tacs!!! <_<

    1. Im doing a degree in Interactive Multimedia
    2. I also am on the Invision Team
    3. I have size 10 feet
    4. I goto the gym
    5. everyone says I look like :mike:
    6. My fav drink is vodka and coke
    7. I wear contact lenses
    8. I can code Perl, PHP, VB, mySQL, HTML, CSS
    9. I live in England
    10. I have a little 12yo bro
    11. I like Linkin Park :rolleyes:
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    Nikki I have no idea what is going on LPA Super Member

    Aug 12, 2002
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    11 things??? yeash...well here goes:

    1: I'm currently taking 4 GNVQ's in ICT
    2: I do graphic work for a little local band
    3: I'm originally French
    4: I've managed to jump off a friends roof into a hedge without getting hurt (and it's a tall house I can tell you that!)
    5: Whilst in france I ride a Suzuki GSXR 1100 (a motorbike)
    6: I'm part of the paradox team (you have to of heard of those guys)
    7: I have a 6yr old bro...who's annoying...
    8: My friend "the baron" looks like Mike...
    9: I've got hair but I like to change it (lol)
    10: I'd like to play the guitar (Ibanez K7 for those that wish to know)
    11: The wOOt smily is my fave (w00t) (w00t)

    I guess that's it... :D
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    EmmieStrange Well-Known Member

    Jul 30, 2002
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    1. I'm 15
    2. I have a boyfriend who seems to be having a mid-life crisis (He's 15 too)
    3. I'm 100% Welsh...but i still think we suck at sports
    4. I'm starting Year 11 on Thursday
    5. My full name is Emma Lindsay Caie
    6. I have 5 best friends
    7. I love art, drama & history
    8. Je parle francais (Translation: I speak french)
    9. I have a 13 year old Sum 41 obsessed brother
    10. I love chocolate
    11. My birthday is on December 3rd
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    XxLPxX Guest

    1. My full name is stupid.
    2. I play the drums.
    3. I'm getting the tips of my hair dyed bright red tomorrow.
    4. I sleep in boxers :lol:
    5. When I was younger I liked Britney Spears. Before she got "slutty".
    6. I wish I could play the guitar.
    7. I feel sorry for old people.
    8. I run.
    9. I will only wear skateboard clothes.
    10. I have about ten friends. :(
    11. I look at Avril Lavigne as my role model. ( DON'T MAKE FUN OF ME! )
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    Bryan Guest

    you do kinda look like Mike now that i think about it...
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    Carlinha Well-Known Member

    Aug 10, 2002
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    1. My name is Carla Francisca Sandoval
    2. I love Gabriel aka gabrielote
    3. I'm Chilean and very proud of it
    4. I like Linkin Park to much
    5. I take a lot of pills every day
    6. I have a 10 years old brother
    7. My school is very Catholic and i hate it for that (its only for girls, btw)
    8. My favourite colors are green, red and black
    9. I love to dance
    10. My hamster's name is Sr. Shinoda
    11. I'm sad and depressed the most part of the time
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    Will LPA Addicted VIP LPA Addicted VIP

    Aug 25, 2002
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    Are you related to P.O.D.'s frontman Sonny Sandoval in any way, shape, or form?
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    Will LPA Addicted VIP LPA Addicted VIP

    Aug 25, 2002
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    [01] My name's Will.
    [02] I'm 15.
    [03] I like techno, trance, rave, and house music.
    [04] I like Enth E Nd. :lol:
    [05] I have a sparkly green toothbrush.
    [06] If they punished me by making me eat macaroni and cheese all day long then I'd be in heaven (as long as Pepsi's around :lol:).
    [07] I just started listening to LP in June. :p
    [08] LP and P.O.D. are my favorite bands.
    [09] Eiffel 65 is awesome.
    [10] So is Daft Punk.
    [11] I can code in HTML, CSS, VB (Visual Basic), and...
    [12] (muahahaha!) I'm good at deciphering lyrics.

    Let's add a few more!

    [13] I'm an anime freak.
    [14] I know a great deal of Japanese words and one phrase: Watashi wa Akuma-sama (translaion: I am the Demon Lord :lol:).
    [15] I like girls.
    [16] I don't and haven't had a girlfriend... ever... :'(
    [17] I'm way past 11.
    [18] (w00t)
    [19] I'm done. :D

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    Carlinha Well-Known Member

    Aug 10, 2002
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    Are you related to P.O.D.'s frontman Sonny Sandoval in any way, shape, or form?[/b][/quote]
    i dont know coz i really dont know very much about the Sandoval family, i dont know them at all, only my grandpa. And i dont think so either coz i'm from Chile, so, who knows... :unsure:
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    I love the deftones
    I love Linkin Park
    I like to Rap and sing
    Im a Male
    I am single
    I like the internet
    I am shy
    my guilty pleasure is that song Heaven by DJ sammy
    I like To Hug people whenever i get the chance
    my girlfriend just left me for a job in NYC
    I lived in NYC on September 11
    My mothers friend died in the WTC
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    Skittles84 Guest

    1. I was born and raised in the U.S.
    2. I hate spiders
    3. I enjoy watching good movies
    4. My celebrity crushes are Mike Shinoda and Heath Ledger
    5. I'm shy
    6. Least favorite subject in school is math
    7. I'm 17
    8. Nicole Kidman is my favorite actress
    9. Tom Hanks is my favorite actor
    10. I have two other siblings, a brother and a sister
    11. I'm a senior in high school
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    ¤KiTo½¤ Guest

    HAHAHAHAAH....... Dont you hate when people say this..... HHAHA

    1. I if i weighed that much i wouldnt even say......
    2. PEople that say this.... 99.9% of the time get there _SS BeAT (fill in the blanks)
    3. I cant stop laughing!... :lol: :lol:

    ¤KiTo½¤ :joe:

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