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Jul 24, 2017
Jul 13, 2002
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Jul 24, 2017
    1. Messy Marj
      Messy Marj

      dude, are ye dead?! o.o
    2. Messy Marj
      Messy Marj
      Hello! ^_^
    3. Messy Marj
      Messy Marj
      Yeah...thanks. Byeeee. :lol:
    4. Messy Marj
      Messy Marj
      I think they show Friends in every decent country. :lol:

      I have all 10 seasons, I've seen them at least 5 times and know every word. It's sort of sad. :lol:
    5. Messy Marj
      Messy Marj
      I wish I knew latin.

      I think I'ma gonna go in bed soon, watch some Friends, read a book. I'll see.

      Nihgty night! :)
    6. Messy Marj
      Messy Marj
      Ah yes. I came back cause the tv's so boring. :lol:
      I feel like this computer's about to die, it goes 'bzzzzzzzzzz ckkkkkkkkk bzzzzzzzz'

      What ya doooooin?
    7. Messy Marj
      Messy Marj
      Okidoki! Nighty night. :)
    8. Messy Marj
      Messy Marj
      Duh. :P

      I'm gonna go make a sandwich.
    9. Messy Marj
      Messy Marj
      Yeah it's pretty stupid some people drink to get drunk.

      I only drink for taste, so yeah, I do drink alcohol sometimes (read: 5 times a year) like Bailey's, Malibu, Safari. It's all girly really. :lol:
    10. Messy Marj
      Messy Marj
      Maybe I will...I don't like alcohol though. I'll just order water.

      They're gonna hate me. :lol:
    11. Messy Marj
      Messy Marj
      Hahahaha :lol:
      You're just a little bit silly. But that's all good, silly people are more fun!
    12. Messy Marj
      Messy Marj
      Myeah, maybe I should look for more dutch people here in paris. I know there's this dutch pub and absolutely everything is orange. :lol:

      What about you? Are ye also a loner? lol
    13. Messy Marj
      Messy Marj
      Nah I'd rather go out when we've moved back to Holland. People here are all the same, very hasty and very selfish. Hating them foreigners too. :(
    14. Messy Marj
      Messy Marj
      Oh alright. Don't you miss something though? Maybe you don't ofcourse, since you don't know any different. Max is also only child, but me I have 3 sisters and a brother, I could never be only child, I'd miss company alot.

      I could invite people here, I just don't want any strangers. :P Sometimes I wished I had friends. How sad am I? :lol:
      Nah, I have 1 good friend, I've known him since I'm born, literally. But he lives in Holland and is mostly at his boyfriend's house. If my sister comes to finish her study in Paris, we'd be together alot. :)
    15. Messy Marj
      Messy Marj
      No, still nothing. :(

      This sucks. I feel like cooking giant amounts of nice things and have a big dinner party, I just don't know any people.

      Whole different subject but, do you have siblings?
    16. Messy Marj
      Messy Marj
      There's not much to do outside, everyone is off so everything's closed. :lol:
      Next week will be niiiice, Max took off the entire week, maybe we'll go a day to Disneyland, he can get 2 day tickets for 20 euros via his work. But it's true, I have to get out more, I don't spend lots of time sleeping, about 8 hours a night, I'm just sorta sleepy all the time. I'm still pretty productive though. :P
    17. Messy Marj
      Messy Marj
      Oh good it was not bad then. :)

      Today's a free day here, and we woke up around 2:30 o.O
      I've never woken up so late in my life lol
      Weird thing is, I could go back to bed again, I guess the longer you sleep the sleepier you are.
    18. Messy Marj
      Messy Marj
      I'm terribly bored, I've been scrolling on Wiki for a looooong time now lol

      and you?
    19. Messy Marj
      Messy Marj
      So you were out partying but LPA was still on, you've seen a girlfriend and now you're in love?

      Cause that's what he said. :lol:

      How are yeeee?
    20. Messy Marj
      Messy Marj
      Oh good luck!

      I just took a shower, it was nice. :)
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