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Jul 22, 2015
Apr 19, 2004
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Messy Marj

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LPA Addicted VIP
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Jul 22, 2015
    1. Penny
      Penny's pretty doesn't hurt anymore...though it's kinda numb!
      Thanks for asking!How are you?
    2. Tim
      Oh, I'm sure it's going to hurt a lot. :lol:

      Goodnight. <3 :kiss:
    3. Tim
      Yeah... I think I can get into this yoga stuff. :cool:
    4. Tim
      Dude... this is the hottest yoga video ever, haha.
    5. Tim
      I dunno, I'm just a sillygoose. :lol:

      Oh, okay. Well, I hope all goes well. ^_^

      I swear I'll stop bugging you about it. XD
    6. Tim
      So, did you guys ever get a hold of that lady to see if you can move early, or is it Poopy-Pants Day?

      ...I'm going to sit in the corner for the shame that joke has brought me.:lol:
    7. Tim
      Thanks. :lol:

      "I've got a headache. Where's your bathroom?."
      "We don't keep our medicine in there."
      "Oh no, I was gonna stroke it."
    8. Tim
      What would be good for a n00b? I remember trying that Tara Stiles (yummeh) video you showed me and feeling so out of shape because I couldn't do it. :lol:
    9. Tim
      I have tylenol, but the headache won't go away until the stress goes away. And I have no idea what to take for that. :lol:
    10. Tim
      Well, thank you for the science lesson, Ms. Marjolein. You've increased my chocolate knowledge substantially. :P

      Jeez. I have a killer headache. o.o
    11. Tim
      Aww! :lol:

      Is chocolate like a comfort food, for you? I've heard some people swear by eating that stuff when they're stressed out, since it makes them feel better. :lol:
    12. Tim
      Thank you. :hug: I guess I still haven't figured out how to deal with my anxiety.

      That sounds like it could make you very stressed. Even if you don't feel like you have anxiety, it'll effect you. I hope you can get through it all in good health. You definitely deserve it. :)
    13. Tim
      Yeah, I'm not very confident in my abilities to pass this upcoming exam (at least the algebra portion). Plus many other things went worse than I anticipated, yesterday. I'm kind of a mess right now, sadly. :lol:

      But, thank you. <3

      I'm sorry to hear that. Is there anything in particular that you think might be stressing you out. =/ :hug:
    14. Tim
      I've been better. I'm having a lot of anxiety problems.

      How are you?
    15. Gitsnik
      Mijn god wat kan dit Tim posten zeg :lol:

      Goed en met jou?
    16. Agent
      i'm doing ok. just a little stressed from all the studying! exam starts real soon you see >_<
    17. Astat
      I got chocolate cake with vanilla frosting, w00t! And I got Projekt Revolution tickets. Not that I'm too excited for the lineup, but I actually got decent seats this year, so...:lol:
    18. Omar
      Well, I'm off for dinner.

      Have fun =).
    19. Omar
      Well, then, enjoy! =P
    20. Jesse
      I don't know yet

      I signed the application for full-time to work from 8am to 7pm. Monday-Sunday.
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