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    1. monixchi
      mhm i see. well their new songs didn't hit to me that hard.
      their self-titled album was great though. even though they are
      kind of love songs but yeah, you can still interpret them
      any other way, which is cool. mine was ''Untitled'' btw since it was
      the song my ex-classmate in elementary sang. beautiful song.

      i think there are lot of great bands which are not being recognized.
      myspace has a LOT to offer, i tell you that. lol well Youtube too, of course.
      all i know is, great opportunity and timing. i remembered when someone
      refused to take the offer to go big even though they are just starting but they just said
      "we're not ready and that good enough yet. time will really come for us and we'll wait."

      i LOL'ed hard and saluted them. XDD

      btw, i'm not a fan of 1D. BsB is the only boy-band i recognize. LOL

      sorry for the long post. here's a :potato:
    2. monixchi
      well, i was like 12 when i became a fan of Simple Plan.
      the hits from Untitled to Crazy, i loved them because of their pure amazing songs.
      i don't consider them as what genre tells, i just loved their songs. (same goes for every band i love)
      but it became fangirl-ish-based in which was a diss to me. love songs...blurgh.

      EXACTLY. i don't why but i just don't like the latest ones. maybe i became a critic
      for a period of time. i was okay in the past listening to latest musics but now,
      not anymore.

      i see. well i rarely like bands/artists. really really rare. lol
    3. monixchi
      ahh i see. i was like that when i was like 10 (to 12)
      i used to borrow burned cds from my friends just to rip them off and save it to our computer. lol
      from pop, rap, opm, r&b, rock, reggae and so on. anything really.
      but since i found simple plan, next to it is linkin park, and other artists/bands i love,
      i stopped listening to those. i don't hate them though, i just don't listen to them anymore lol
    4. monixchi
      ahh nice name ^^ it's nice knowing her :3
      i see. well that's pretty interesting.
      what genre you mostly listen to?
    5. monixchi
      yes, exactly. since cosplaying cost this and that, might
      as well buy several anime stuffs that cost the same price as the cosplay item.
      cheap bastard i am. lol
      ahh i see that's great ^^ may i know what's her name?
      wait, btw how about you? are you into this stuff? o_O lol
    6. monixchi
      no problem ^^
      and funny because i get that question a lot. lol
      tbh, i'm not a cosplayer, yet. i don't have the money for it since i'm more like an anime-stuffs collector. XD
    7. monixchi
      ahh i see. yes i am from the phil as well, sir. XD
      naaah. you're not that old. lol
    8. monixchi
      oh hello there..uhm sir/ma'am (lol)
      and i'm 18. ^^
    9. Kolya
      Di man jud anti ATS. lol. It's just pag first nako og hear sa album naka ingun jud ko sa akong Kuya og WTF!? lol Wala lang ganahan lang dagay ko mo heavy napud ang music sa LP. Dili ko ganahan mura sila og electronica. =/
    10. Kolya
      Wala lang. Ambot. mapareha npud nya na sa ATS. Pro man gud ko og Hybrid. lol
    11. Kolya
      Yep. BPO xa... Biyaw. Halata man. Ako kay wa na excite. lol.
    12. Kolya
      Naa ko Cebu. Sa company na Sykes. Excited kau ka sa bag-o na LP noh? update man kau ka sa imong FB. lol
    13. Kolya
      ga work ka hosp? uu..wala ko galantaw..di man anko feel..hahahahaa
    14. Kolya
      wala oi...trabaho. =/ kaw?
    15. Kolya
      Ok lang dude! :D Kaw?
    16. The Joesen One
    17. jai kashyap
    18. Jayhov
      magunda ka :)
    19. Kolya
      Wala man dagay. Wala koi nahibal-an. If naa, mu apil jud ko. Hahahaha. I don't know if naa bay active na LP group sa 'Pinas. Ambot lang pero basin di sa LPU, noh? Karun bah, wa apil Pilipinas sa ilahang Asian Tour, noh? :(
    20. Jayhov
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