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    1. tROCKS24
      Hey! I coined: What's a 'Grey Daze'? I really didn't know what it meant for several months. By the time it was like the 4th. month, I finally was able to identify what it was. It was Chester's old band. I looked it also up on Youtube.
    2. tROCKS24
      hi!, have you heard Burn it Down newest single yet?! I did and it's awesome!! how are you and what is your name? My name is Tempe also known as Temple. My name is really coined in Chinese: Simiao!! Plus, Linkin Park is Chinese too! I havent translated it yet, but i will look it up!
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    "Floating down, as colors fill the light
    We look up from the ground, in fields of paperwhite
    And floating up, you pass us in the night
    The future gazing out, the past to overwrite
    So come down, far below
    We've been waiting to collect the things you know
    Come down, far below
    We've been waiting to collect what you've let go"