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Nov 17, 2022
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Oh what tangled webs we weave, from New York, USA

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Nov 17, 2022
    1. Theazninvasion68
      Probably a good choice ;). Very wise.
    2. Theazninvasion68
      :/ eehh. I know you realllllllllyyyyy miss it but you will be somewhat attached, you know? As much as you'll try not to be, there'll be some feelings of attachment. Even if it's alittle bit.
    3. Theazninvasion68
      Chances are: You'll get attached. It's a trap. D:
    4. Theazninvasion68
      He wiped his butt.

      .... :lol:
    5. Theazninvasion68
      What did the Cannibal do after He dumped His Girlfriend?
    6. Theazninvasion68

      It's because all the fish, when they swim, they go "blu blu blu blu"

    7. Theazninvasion68
      Aha! I knew something was up!
      :P sorta. Pffssst.

      Btw, Do you know why the ocean is blue?
    8. Theazninvasion68
      :) 2nd nicest member? I do agree, I do agree. :)

      I will say though, It's quiet unfair advantage as you roam these boards 4x as much as I do in a week!
    9. Theazninvasion68
      :lol: yay! results!

      I just got em'. Congrats for you! :) I'm pretty happy i even got 2 votes! ^_^ but you won at least a catagory, so mhm. Congrats congratz!
    10. Joe
      I wish I could get an Arlene 10, haha. ;)
    11. Theazninvasion68
      I really hope so, and don't.

      Yes so, indeed because I need time to re-cast my votes, that that aisha is back. (kidding. I hope they post-pone because the amount of people posting and activity sparking up in-due of it!)

      I hope they don't, i want to know the results!
    12. Theazninvasion68
      Weekends aer nice to have off :lol:
      I still gotta say, Joe's got a nice Avatar luulz.

      This LPA awards 09 is tense, the results, questionable!
    13. Theazninvasion68
      Yeah, Plus, in a small town like this, everyone here seems so...Familiar! Yeah! Something new, or if it isnt new, it's presented differently at best!

      Cashier eh? Shan't be tough! :) Student, I'd give or take 8-14 hours a week? :P It's decent. Especially if your not paying anything!

      ^^; Yeah, i do too. It's just too tough to just go at the world myself, at the moment. Just too tough.
    14. Theazninvasion68
      you know, for some odd reason i thought I responded. hmm. :lol:

      Thank you! :) Oh okay. So your head feels like a bowling ball x150. Joy! :lol:

      I work at my Mother's restaurant Genghis Khan Monogolian bbq! :D Great place, one of the few non-chain restaurants left in town! It is quiet sad when most places to eat are chains :/ I know it sounds weird though, but it is true. Everything starts to taste, for the most part, bland.
      Shop Rite? A local grocery store I'm guessing? :D nice! What position? ^^. Got good hours?

      Nope, I live with my Father and stepmother. It isn't that bad, It's nice not paying rent :P

      I guess if you wanted my TV :P be my guest.
    15. Theazninvasion68
      AND NO, I really don't watch tv, at most two hours a week, thats even pushing it.
    16. Theazninvasion68
      I'm sick to my stomach (literally). But hey, a head cold? Never heard of that term before. Headache/cold? D: I'm okay though, toughing it out like aways, trying to get by. :P Got work tomorrow so i'm pretty sure I'll feel muuuch better. Or least be forced too.

      Heck yes! Scream out comments like no tomorrow on bad parts, cry like a girl on the sad parts and laugh like a macho-man on the manly funny parts (what?) :lol: #1 aquire dvd player. #2. Figure TV out. >_> Oddly enough, I don't watch tv.

      just about everyone eh? So the hype isn't a lie, It's F'ing amazing?! SEEING IT AGAIN SO SOON?!?!?

      D: And I'm a few years behind movies I wanted to watch now. Arghh. :P Lucky you! THREE TIMES eh?! Whoaa.

      ps. I've stolen your wall. hehe.
    17. Theazninvasion68
      Has EVERYONE seen avatar? Yes.
      I have NOT.
      :( Sadly, i really want to go see, oh so bad. The book of Eli is, i hear, a great movie. Wish
      I had some free time but it's all good. I can wait til DVD comes out and just burn the movies into my eyes so i'll always "seen it" :P

      How are you? : O whew.
    18. Theazninvasion68
      Oh i see okay. So you like the business world and stuff like that. Just the numerical part, i suppose. It is a ways down, but hey, the reward is all the sweeter once you've completed it all!

      :/ Yeah, i think way to expensive. Thats quite an opportunity your taking up on :lol: I'm pretty sure you can maintain a fair GPA for a year at community college. While difficult, it seems to me that it'd be not as difficult for you then it really is. I will say, however, time-management is tough :( I hope your at the top 10%! Hate for such a sweet and talented young gal like you have to suffer her way through college costs!

      bleh, i'm so fried from my hw :lol: but anyhow, have you seen the movie.. uhh... The book of eli yet?
    19. Theazninvasion68
      CPA eh? So thats why your taking pre-calc and so on! Though, in college, im willing to bet they offer math analysis for business. or something similar. might be a tad more useful but hten again, i would ask my cousin who is becoming a CPA (is taking the certified test part)

      Funny part is, while i want it to be done, i really don't want to rush it. I know it seems silly but life is lived once, so why not fulfillingly and ect? While i get what your getting at, because you know oyur goal, i'm wonderning what on earth to do! Just wish college was a tad cheaper, its horrendous to pay for college, by yourself. While its a community college (cheaper) 500-600 a semester is quite a sum of money for a part-time job to fulfill!

      I should fill up your page with more and m04r smili3 faces mwahah!

      ANyhow, how/when did you decide you want to be a CPA? it's quite specific what you want, so im curious.
    20. Theazninvasion68
      Geeze, i practically filled your visitor messages with smiley faces!
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