Runaway Artist

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    I hope SmashPilot's member title isn't copyrighted :lol:

    Runaway Artist

    The memories long gone
    Coming back now one by one
    Let bygones be bygones
    Let everything stay where it belongs

    It's playing tricks
    With my mind
    I feel like screaming
    I don't wanna go back to the beginning

    Born to run
    I was born to run
    At the end of the day
    I'll be far away
    Where I don't know anyone
    The urge to run
    I feel the urge to run
    Just forget my name
    You will never know me
    I keep it all inside
    Deep down inside

    Why can't we be as we are?
    Why must we hide who we are?

    Why do I run?
    Why do I hide?
    Why do I hold this mask so close?
    Why do I run?
    Who do I try
    To fool when I
    Know I will never be
    I'm never gonna be
    Far enough

    The memories I hold dearest
    Are the ones that I'm runnung from
    I'm ashamed
    I haven't been myself for so long

    I give up
    It's the end
    I feel like screaming
    I wanna go back
    To the beginning

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