LOST IN THE ECHO is the second single from Linkin Park's fifth studio album LIVING THINGS. The single was only released internationally in a digital format with the exception of promotional discs that were sent to radio. The promo featured both the studio track and the instrumental version of the song. The digital single was originally released October 5th with three tracks: 1. LOST IN THE ECHO. 2. LOST IN THE ECHO (Killsonik Remix). 3. LOST IN THE ECHO (Killsonik Remix Edit). For an unknown reason the single was pulled and released October 19th, 2012 instead, with the Killsonik Remix Edit removed from the final track list.

An interactive LOST IN THE ECHO music video was released to promote the track, which worked in conjunction with Facebook, allowing fans to embed their photographs into the video for a unique experience.

01. LOST IN THE ECHO (03:25)
02. LOST IN THE ECHO (KillSonik Remix) (05:09)
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