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Discussion in 'Random Chat' started by Logan_ZX, Oct 19, 2004.

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    Oct 13, 2004
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    <div align=center>ZeroX - Blue version
    “A soul is born”</div>

    Ok this is about the billionth time I have posted this game here and GMC. I am now hoping to keep this topic updated so this game can be big. The whole idea of the game is original with the working minds of both me and xdragonmasterx.

    You could try to call it a Megaman clone but if I do hear that I would have to disagree because this is almost nothing like megaman.

    Anyways this version of the game (yes there are two versions and the first one that is coming out is the Blue version, my story and the next one will be red version, xdragonmasterx's version) you play as a character that can see his future through his dreams. All the events he sees happen at least a week or so after the dream happen, but since he can see then before they happen he can often change them.

    In the game he has a dream that he is unable to change. He finds himself being tested by a group of scientist for a project of cyborg creation and the main character is the lead test subject due to his power. You now roam the streets fighting the urge to destroy the world. You now take the responsibility of ZeroX. Go and fight the evil that has enhanced your strength that will destroy them

    Game Play:
    Platform adventure/shooter/driving

    Teen for Mild language/ blood

    In game aspects looking forward to see:
    -Walking can turn to running in the push of a key
    -Weather effects
    -Switching clothes
    -Health system (Characters health may very depending on how long he/she is in weather without proper clothing)
    -Targeting system
    -Fighting system
    -Shooting System
    -Weapon selection
    -Advance sub screens
    -Wide range of enemies and bosses

    Leader-Me (Logan Monette)
    Vise Pres.-xdragonmasterx


    Concept art:

    Support me with my project by placing this in your sig:[​IMG]

    I now have a brand new trailer you can view (warning: about 3mb large)

    (To save right-click, save as..... to save it to your file)
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    Omar Administrator LPA Super Member

    Jul 13, 2002
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    A. If this is the billionth time you've posted this here, why aren't you banned for spamming?

    B. If this is the billionth time you've posted this here, why do you only have 8 posts?

    I'm closing your little DonutBoy "The Teen Years" thread. DO NOT SPAM.
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