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    I'm releasing a new E.P. next week called 'San Antonio E.P.'. The concept is I'm making a new song everyday for it from Sunday-Monday. It'll be available online for free, and it'll be released Tuesday. I'm just seeing if I can pull it off.

    Currently the tracklisting is:

    1. San (Sunday)
    2. Antonio (Monday)
    3. Tuesday (... Tuesday, :lol:)

    There are two new songs you can preview at .

    I've also been working on a new album for quite a while now. Previews for some tracks are on .

    If anyone wants to go check them out and give me some feedback I'd appreciate it!

    EDIT: Tuesday was being encoded as I wrote this, so it might be a few minutes before it's up.

    EDIT 2: I'd also like everyone to keep in mind that the story behind this album is that of an obsessive compulsive boyfriend. That's why the lyrics are the way they are.

    EDIT 3: :lol: So many edits. These aren't final, either, and further mixing and things will be done before next Tuesday. Instrumentals and vocals might be rerecorded.
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