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    LP Soldier 01

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    Jun 27, 2017
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    Let´s discuss everyone´s favourite artists by genre, you can differentiate into subgenres of course:

    Solo Artists
    (may have a band, as many artists do, but appears only the name of 1 artist on records and not the band´s name)

    Pop - Michael Jackson
    Progressive Rock- Roger Waters
    Experimental/Classical Rock - Mike Oldfield
    Alternative Rock - Alanis Morisette
    Alternative Metal- Amy Lee
    Punk-Rock - Avril Lavigne
    Hip-Hop- Jay-Z
    Electronic - Krewella/Zedd
    Classical Crossover - Lindsey Stirling
    Symphonic Metal - Tarja Turunen

    Pop - Coldplay (could put pop/rock, but now just pop)
    Pop Rock - Maroon 5/ Linkin Park
    Nu-Metal -Linkin Park/Evanescence
    Alternative Rock - U2/Linkin Park
    Electronic Rock - Linkin Park
    Punk-Rock - Green Day/Paramore
    Post-Grunge - Nickelback/Breaking Benjamin/Hoobastank
    Christian Rock - Skillet
    Progressive Rock - Pink Floyd
    Art-Rock - Radiohead
    Symphonic Metal - Evanescence/Nightwish/Epica/Within Temptation/Delain/Sirenia/Lacuna Coil
    Melodic Death Metal - Arch Enemy
    Folk Metal- Nightwish/Within Temptation/Hyubris
    Post-Hardcore- Pvris
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    Sasuke Modern Prog enjoyer LPA Super Member

    May 22, 2012
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    I actually don't categorize my favorite artists by genres tbh. but here's my top 5 (with their genre):
    1- Purity Ring (electropop/dream pop)
    2- Linkin Park #GenreIsDead :kappa:
    3- MisterWives (Indie pop/Alternative)
    4- Bring Me the Horizon (Alternative rock/post-hardcore/Metalcore (early))
    5- CHVRCHES (synthpop)
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    Modern Guitar God

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    Jun 7, 2014
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    U2 - alternative rock/ post-punk
    John Coltrane - jazz
    Ye - hip hop
    Notorious BIG - hip hop
    Jay Z - hip hop
    My Bloody Valentine - alternative rock
    Slowdive - shoe gaze
    Radiohead - art rock
    The Beatles - rock / pop
    Fleetwood Mac - country/rock
    Ryuichi Sakamoto - classical/electronic
    Burial - electronic
    Yellow Magic Orchestra - electronic/synthpop
    Coldplay - alternative rock/ pop rock
    The Smiths - indie rock
    Underworld - electronic
    Lauryn Hill - neo soul / hip hop
    The-Dream - rnb
    Depeche Mode - synth pop/ electronic rock
    Jimi Hendrix - psychedelic rock
    Riow Arai - breakbeat/ electronic
    Marvin Gaye - soul
    The Isley Brothers - rnb/ soul
    Missy Elliot - rap/ rnb

    I can't keep going because it'll be like 2 pages lol. This is enough to get an insight to what I like
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    Captain-EO Also Prog Nerd Now, Thanks Gibs LPA Super Member

    Nov 3, 2014
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    K I love you now :wub:
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    Chris LPA Addict LPA Addict

    Feb 21, 2003
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    Bubblegum pop - Linkin Park

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    Captain-EO Also Prog Nerd Now, Thanks Gibs LPA Super Member

    Nov 3, 2014
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    ^ same honestly, but I'll give you some of my top artists from across the spectrum with the (rough approximation of) genres

    Enter Shikari (post-hardcore/electronic/drum 'n' bass)
    Linkin Park (alternative/rock/pop)
    Michael Jackson (pop/new jack swing/RnB)
    blink-182 (pop-punk/alternative rock)
    Coldplay (alternative/pop-rock)
    Goo Goo Dolls (alternative rock/punk)
    Panic! at the Disco (pop-punk/baroque pop/pop)
    The Cure (gothic rock)
    System of a Down (nu metal/alternative metal)
    Kenny Chesney (country)
    Aerosmith (hard rock)
    Attack! Attack! (metalcore/electronicore)
    John Williams (classical/score)
    Marius Neset (jazz)
    LAXX (dubstep/trance)
    Funkadelic (funk)
    Hiatus Kaiyote (soul/nu jazz)
    Make Them Suffer (deathcore)
    Monte Montgomery (blues)
    Nick Drake (folk)
    Sam Bush (bluegrass)
    Mumford & Sons (folk/alternative)
    Ray Lynch (new age)
    Uttara-Kuru (Japanese fusion)
    Electric Light Orchestra - (rock)
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    Michele Praise Brad Delson, our Lord and Savior. LPA Addict

    Apr 29, 2014
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    i dont even listen to so many genres lol
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    Blake Leave a Trace LPA Super Member

    Mar 25, 2012
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    Alternative Rock- The Fray | Favorite song= How to Save a Life
    Jazz- Gregory Porter | Favorite song= Hey Laura
    Hip-Hop/Rap- Eminem | Favorite song= White America
    Post-Hardcore- Dance Gavin Dance | Favorite Song= Man Of the Year
    Shoe Gaze- My Bloody Valentine | Favorite Song= Sometimes
    Art Rock- Pink Floyd | Favorite Song= Breathe
    Country- Kenny Chesney | Favorite Song= Don't Blink
    Rock- Linkin Park | Favorite Song= Mark the Graves
    Pop-Punk- Blink-182 | Favorite Song= Asthenia
    Pop- Ed Sheeran | Favorite Song= Afire Love
    Noise Pop- Sleigh Bells | Favorite Song= Crown on the Ground
    Dream Pop- Lana Del Rey | Favorite Song= Young and Beautiful
    RnB- Justin Timberlake | Favorite Song= Like I Love You Ft. Clipse
    Metal- Judas Priest | Favorite Song= Painkiller
    Pop Rock- Hey Monday | Favorite Song= Arizona
    Indie Rock- Death Cab For Cutie | Favorite Song= We Looked Like Giants
    Synth Pop- CHVRCHES | Favorite Song= Leave a Trace
    Metalcore- Bring Me The Horizon | Favorite Song= Sleepwalking
    Emo- Brand New | Favorite Song= Jude Law and the Semester Abroad (Their first album was Pop Punk which this song is from, their next three albums were Emo albums)
    Electronic Rock- Innerpartysystem | Favorite Song= Don't Stop
    Trip Hop- GRiZ | Favorite Song= Not Sure
    House- Kygo | Favorite Song= Happy Birthday ft. John Legend
    Dubstep- Skrillex | Favorite Song= Benny Benassi Ft. Gary Go - Cinema (Skrillex Remix) or Original Kyoto Ft. Sirah
    EDM- Knife Party | Favorite Song= Begin Again
    Dance/Disco- Daft Punk | Favorite Song= Get Lucky Ft. Pharrell Williams
    Trance- Darude | Favorite Song= Sandstorm
    Electronic- The Postal Service | Favorite Song= Such Great Heights
    Electronica- Jem | Favorite Song= They
    Psychedelic Rock- Tame Impala | Favorite Song= New Person, Same Old Mistakes
    Indie Pop- Bleachers | Favorite Song= Rollercoaster
    Punk- Rancid | Favorite Song= Roots Radical
    Punk Rock- Rise Against | Favorite Song= Not Sure. Contenders= Satellite, Swing Life Away, Life Less Frightening, Paper Wings
    Electro Pop/Indie Rock- The 1975 | Favorite Song= Sex
    Hardcore- Blessthefall | Favorite Song= God Wears Gucci
    Funk Rock- Red Hot Chilli Peppers | Favorite Song= Dani California
    Grunge- Nirvana | Favorite Song= Lithium
    Death Metal- Suicide Silence | Favorite Song= The Disease
    Prog Rock- Porcupine Tree | Favorite Song= Time Flies
    Grove Metal- Five Finger Death Punch | Favorite Song= The Bleeding
    K-Pop- SHINee | Favorite Song= Lucifer
    J-Pop- SHINee | Favorite Song= Mr. Right Guy (Not on Youtube) [They release both K-Pop and J-Pop albums]
    Soul- Akon | Favorite Song= Lonely
    Neo-Soul/RnB- Miguel | Favorite Song= Sure Thing
    Reggae- Damian Marley | Favorite Song= Tribal War (with Nas and K'naan) or solo song Affairs of the Heart
    Ska Punk- Less Than Jake | Favorite Song= All My Best Friends Are Metalheads
    Hard Rock- Three Days Grace | Favorite Song= I Hate Everything About You
    Alternative Metal- Chevelle | Favorite Song= Vitamin R (Leading Us Along)
    Classic Rock- The Police | Favorite Song= Synchronocity I
    Progressive Metal- System of a Down | Favorite Song= Old School Hollywood
    Alternative Hip-Hop- Twenty One Pilots | Favorite Song= Trees

    Note: These Last 6 didn't want to work for URLs, would show up videos.

    Edit: I hit exactly 50 genres, that's enough work for me today.
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    Captain-EO Also Prog Nerd Now, Thanks Gibs LPA Super Member

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    LP Soldier 01

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    Jun 27, 2017
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    Yes, Linkin Park has been pretty much about that in the past let´s say 10 years, changing the sound in every album.
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