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    Figured we could use a thread to tell stories about Chester. Whether they be about some time you met him or something you heard. Whatever the case, stories that you remember and hold dear about Chester. They don't have to be serious or funny. Just whatever you remember. I know a lot of people are bummed about this and thought this would be a nice way for us to just, idk, cope I guess.

    I'll start off with the following:
    This was not a show I went to but I heard that a show Linkin Park played at in Bayfront Park (Miami, FL) in 2001, Chester ended up jumping and landed straight on a porta potty. He got stuck on it and finished the song on it.

    Thought that was hilarious cause getting stuck in a situation like that does sound like a total Chester moment. I attached pics from the show. Sorry about the tag. Just did a quick Google search to find them.

    Tell us your stories. Whether they be personal experiences or stories you heard.

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