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    Any fans of Young The Giant? I think they're phenomenal.
    They're very similar to LP in terms of their song structure - they usually have verse-chorus-verse-chorus, then some kind of new bridge or outro that makes the song interesting, like most of LP's stuff. They also have a few songs like "Camera" or "Islands" that have no identifiable structure and sound like they could come off of ATS. Lyrically they're songs are very different, but I think you guys should give them a chance! I recommend listening through their second album "Mind over Matter". Then if you really like that, listen to their first album, and then enjoy the hundreds of acoustic performances they have on YouTube, which are insanely good.

    Also, they have a lot more instrumental complexity in their songs, for you guys that always complain about Brad's guitar work not being interesting enough for you lol.

    Mind over Matter: - Listen to at least Firelight.

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