Work In Progress DVD - SPOILER-ific Demo Details

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    Hello all, I received the boxset early, and I wanted to post some exciting information for those who want spoilers on the studio portion of the new Work In Progress DVD.

    • DVD confirms that The Wizard Song was part of the Resolution writing process. As the band worked on the track, the guys took a break to record The Wizard Song over the instrumental. This confirms they DID record it as Brad said "We actually recorded it!" after Chester stops singing, and numerous vocal takes are shown. DVD shows alternative takes of the song and some hilarious new harmonies.
    • The alternate "I can't take no more, I can't stand to fake this" Plaster 2 verse which doesn't exist on Lost Demos, is extended in this, and we get to hear more of the rapped lyrics: "And I used to care but no more, I can't stand to fake this, Let. Me. Go."
    • A slightly longer glimpse into the infamous Thoughts That Take Away My Pride demo of Lost. Not much more, but we hear new lyrics that we didn't hear in the old clip from 20 years ago. You get to hear Chester sing: "LIVING WITH THE ENEMY"
    • Fighting myself used to be called Shortcut.
    The studio portion of this DVD is pretty short compared to the whole length of Work In Progress so that's the only new demo info we have.

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