"why won't you listen"

Discussion in 'Your Projects' started by blackpanther626, Jul 13, 2003.

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    Jun 29, 2003
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    hey everyone this came out of anger because i'm going through a big issuse and this might be alittle confusing for some of you i don't even know if it's a poem or a song i don't i just came up with.

    Don't you walk away from,
    You just sit and listen to me,
    I'm not listing to this S**T anymore,
    we're never moving back again,
    (we're staying here)
    For year's no call's about your work,
    don't you know what their saying,
    (never going back)
    I have no social life,
    i feel like i need the FBI to have info of everyone i know,
    (just let me go)
    I'm 17 and begging for a job,
    cuz i'm the only one that's willing,
    (F***ing lazy b****)
    I'm going in to the army like it or NOT,
    If NOT tell someone that cares,
    (CUZ I DON'T)
    Just let me be who i am,
    and stop holding me back,
    I'm not you and i never will be,
    Can't you see what your doing to me?

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