What we know so far about Living Things.

Discussion in 'Linkin Park Chat' started by Fury99, May 3, 2012.

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    Ever since Burn It Down got released, I read through a bunch of articles finding out about many songs off of Living Things. So far I've gathered these clues;\

    Lost In The Echo- Mike Shinoda will be rapping over tribal drums and has an 80s feel

    In My Remains- Has rapping on electronic, aggressive sounds. According to HotFix, has intense drumming as well

    Burn It Down- It's released so we already know what the song sounds like.

    Lies Greed Misery- When the track listing was released, this song has been criticized. During the HitFix interview, it was very praised saying that "Opening with Shinoda rapping over percolating synths and stutter steps, the song sounds like Linkin Park crossed with Skrillex crossed with M.I.A. A jagged, fuzzy keyboard bridge gives way to Bennington chanting “You Did It To Yourself,” before he starts screaming the line over and over in a hypnotic frenzy. "

    I'll Be Gone- Little info, SPIN said nothing but what the song means, "being forced or leaves home before the sun comes up.

    Castle Of Glass- A lot of people have been curious about this song. During the HotFix interview, its supposedly an alternative country melodic song

    Victimized- Nothing I heard about this song yet

    Roads Untraveled- Again, nothing yet

    Skin To Bone- Same as the two previous ones, nothing yet

    Until It Breaks- Something sounding like Kanye West would make, interesting.

    Tinfoil- There has been speculation throughout the forum that Tinfoil might be a left over of A Thousand Suns

    Powerless- Heard nothing about this song yet

    This is what "I" know about Living Things so far. Some of you might know more than I do, some less than I do. Sorry if any info is wrong, some info i didn't mention, or if any new info has come up that i fail to say.
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    I have posted a similar thread HERE containing all the information and quotes that we have got from the articles so far so I'm going to close this thread.
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