What genres should LP experiment with next album?

Discussion in 'Linkin Park Chat' started by Delicious Dave, Dec 28, 2012.

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    Lol Muse doesn't need to move at all. Still one of the greatest live bands out there.

    For LP, they actually brought a lot of their movement back, I thought. Chester and Mike have always brought the energy and everything, but starting around like, the ATS era and again into LT, Joe has been moving a lot more, which is cool. Brad doesn't do big showy stuff, but he's good at getting the crowd excited. If you pay attention to him, he's always putting his arms up and getting everyone to yell and what not. And I've always thought Phoenix looks good energy-wise, there's only so much he can do, lol. Of ciourse they don't move around or go as crazy anymore though, that comes with age and their change in sound.

    We've gotten off topic though. I agree that I'd like to hear some raw sound from them again, similar to MTM.
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    I just found a cool interview: http://www.thesource.com/articles/263964/Exclusive%3A-Linkin-Park's-Mike-Shinoda-wants-to-work-with-Kendrick-Lamar-and-A$AP-Rocky-/?thesource-prod=gpr0sdrh44pbu7t1tim9qksir5

    It's mostly about the Sebago boots, except:

    Q. Anything you want to add about the next album?

    Mike Shinoda: If I tell you what it sounds like right now, in one month it will probably be completely different. It’s always in flux.

    So atleast we know that they've started working on the new album :D
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    One thing I didn't mention is reggae. They should do some reggae. Not much reggae though

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