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Discussion in 'Your Projects' started by hybridtheory_gc, Dec 12, 2006.

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    Hey guys, just wanted to know what ya'll think of this poem I wrote for a little presentation at school:


    All of his guests came in their Sunday best
    Attendants were in either white or black
    Someone slept quietly in the center
    Where he wished he always was

    He who lay in the center, longed for the time he’ll be there
    Always wanting to be thought of, always wanting to be revered
    Only misfortune got him his wish, something most people could not bear

    They saw him sleeping underneath the cold glass
    All of the people knew how long it would last
    His eyes are closed and his body is frozen
    He can’t see nor feel, the sorrow that surrounds him

    Still he got his wish, and he got roses and tears too
    There were people around him mourning and there was nothing he could do
    The rite of passage is now in full swing
    The cleric takes center stage as the people start praying

    Reverence came but so did pain
    Desire for attention could backfire towards the vain
    The center is as attractive as it is uncertain
    Dreams achieved can also make someone broken…

    Last goodbyes are slowly being whispered as tears descend from their faces
    The eyes of those familiar faces turn red as they prepared to march on
    And like he always envisioned, He was the frontrunner for one final crossing

    This is what closure is for…leaving something you wished you had before

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