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    Welcome to the new Webmasters forum. Here, you will be able to get the help you need to build, run, and maintain a web site of your own. We do not ask that you put a link back to the LP Association on your web site, but we do as that you give us some recognition on your site for providing you with somewhere to get help; that is, if you used the LP Association for help. All right, now that that is out of the way, we are going to lay down a few guidelines that we will want you to follow when posting in this forum...

    [01.] Please, do not asking for help with web site-building tools such as Yahoo! PageBuilder. We realize that if you are new to web-design that you will most likely use these tools, but this is not the place to get help with that. Consult the web site's help directory.

    [02.] Do not ask a question that has already been asked. For example, if you cannot figure out how to make a static background on your own, please read through the forum before you make a post asking how to do it. We do not want repeat threads.

    [03.] Do not use this forum as a place to spam your web site. Please, keep all of your links to your signature. Spamming is not tolerated and any spam found will be removed and the thread either closed or deleted. If you must post links, they have to be helpful links.

    [04.] This area is not only for web-designers but for graphic-designers as well. If you need help with Fireworks MX, Paint Shop Pro, or Photoshop, you are allowed to ask here. Do not, however, ask for other people to make graphics for you. That is when you visit the "Fan Art" forum.

    If there is anything we missed, please send a PM to an administrator or a moderator and when we get the message we will jump on it as soon as possible. Thanks for taking the time to read this post.
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