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    Oct 15, 2013
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    Black-Striped Prism has been working on a new album. It's on a whole different level from the first one, and people have been patiently waiting to hear anything from the new album. To reward those that have supported Black-Striped Prism and been very patient, BSP is going to release the first single for the album on October 29th to give people a little taste of how amazing the new album will be. This single represents alot for the album, but simultaneously, only reveals a fraction of what will be on this new album. For those who still have not liked Black-Striped Prism on Facebook the link is

    Unfortunately, the artwork can only be seen on Black-Striped Prism's official Facebook page. So please visit and leave comments on what you think about the artwork and what you expect from the new single?

    Also, the artwork was made by LPA's own _ald, who is an amazingly talented artist and he did a fantastic job on the artwork.

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