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    Well, here's my poetry thread but instead of only posting my poetry exclusively I thought I'd try to give some insight as to the makeup of my verse as well as to illustrate inspiration and to sometimes try to provide a retrospective in classic poetry.

    To begin with something extremely simple, here is a sonnet I've written as well as some references there within.

    As you can see, this poem references Poe's Annabel quite literally, as well as an earlier poem I've written with it's allusions to light and contrast to heartbreak. The rest of poem remains pretty abstract in its quatrains yet still keep a sort of generic pattern. What I mean by this is that while there is a definite connection to each line, each can appear to consist of a single thought.

    The quatrains follow a simple AABB CCDD EEFF GG rhyme-scheme while the volta of the final couplet seeks to nous the reader into recognizing and acquiring the air of inquiry included at the beginning of the poem without explicitly stating which line to question.

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