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    Imprisoned for such the longest time
    Safely inside my own cocoon,
    Tightly bound with lies and deceit
    Such misguided trust and doubts.

    Expectations of this cruel, harsh world
    I've stopped looking for the warmth,
    Resigning myself to a life where i
    Will only feel the cold.

    I never thought that i'd escape
    From these memories plaguing me,
    My head is fighting with my heart
    Dare i, in you, believe

    You"ll only turn and walk away
    Loneliness again envelopes me
    No different to those who've gone before
    Or those who have not yet been,

    You say you understand it's hard
    And that your're in no hurry
    Trust is something which is earnt
    Not,to be so easily given.

    I have to try keep something back
    Trusting only brings you pain,
    Though you've hurt me times and times before
    Your sure to let me down again.

    Just take one day at a time
    And eventually, you say i'll see
    That when i turn and reach out for you
    You'll be there within my reach.

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