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    Well, yeah...until I can think of a title, this is all you're gonna see.

    Basically, because of my little phase over little, blue demons, I started writing a little story that's now growing into a full-scale fic...

    Its not quite done yet though...so this will probably be very stuttered and stuff...but heck, its something ^_^


    -I stood blankly at my window-sill, brushing the silky surface of the ledge impatiently with my fingers and slapping a few of the Velcro straps that lined the biking suit I wore. My eyes darted to and from the small, dot-matrix timer on my mobile phone, growled in my typical way and slapped myself lazily with my hand. The doorbell sounded downstairs and made me jump slightly before coming to my senses, grabbing my helmet then carefully making my way down the first flight of steps and leaping down the second set, the bell rang again, and obviously the people on the other side were getting impatient...
    -“Alright, Alright I’m coming I’m bleeding coming!” I cried in a hurry. A series of laughs emitted from the other side of the other as I flung it open to be bear-hugged by Amy – A hippie-styled, slightly bizarre girl, Froggi – A huge bear for a man and Biff, who was just...Biff
    -“SL” Froggi said bluntly as he slapped a hand onto my own
    “Frog...Biff” I said just as bluntly, slapping his hand back before being squeezed nearly to death “...and Amy too.”
    -Amy laughed as we slowly started to make our way up the path to the road, there I jumped onto my trusty steed (Or a motorbike as some people called it) and twisted the key into the ignition slot, then revved the engine as the rest of the group climbed cautiously onto their Quad-bike. I laughed and shook my head in dismay at the sheer lack of speed then took off, leaving the group behind...

    -It was a normal day really in the world that was Tameside and its teenage inhabitants. Music of all types would blast from most windows, swiftly followed by the shrieks of mothers (and sometimes fathers) shouting “TURN THAT SHITE OFF NOW!” as their children casually walked, cycled and basically travelled to a place even worse than hell itself-college...
    -My bike cut into the large, curving driveway, past a pair of rusting, wrought-iron gates and across a gravel pathway to my everyday parking space. I stopped, slipped the heavy b*****d of a helmet off my head and tossed my hair about, just to look good, then started counting down the seconds until I could hear the familiar grumble of Froggi and the quad fade into the car-park. “Just like always” I thought... “Just like always...”
    -Hell, everything had just seemed to run on a timesheet for everyone...I’d wake up, fall out of bed, get ready, manage to knock over at least one of the pictures that lined the walls at home, lose my bike keys or something...you get the picture. The same things would happen everyday...I hated it, and everyone knew it.


    -I strolled casually into my first class-Graphic products...as always. Took out the A3 folder and spread my work in a somewhat disorganised fashion to have it scrutinised by my teacher...As always. Once again the familiar routine of college was hitting me hard, as I began to draw pointless doodles on my already saturated folder... “Fun fun” I thought sarcastically as I stared blankly around the room; at the pictures of past work (including my own), the Dyson poster... “I’ve gotta find out why he has that, the pillock...” I said quietly then let my eyes scan other random pieces of paper stuck to the walls. I caught someone’s eye for a moment, so I lazily raised my hand in a sort of half-wave, half-salute motion that I normally use to say “hi” then resumed drawing... ”Just like friggin’ always...”
    -It was always to same...Graphic products followed by ICT classes followed by me kicking the crap out of Froggi or pissing around with the rest of my mates followed by a huge English class, followed by dinner followed by me walking home with everyone...
    -Amy: “Hey it’s the high life ain’t it?”
    The high life?! Heh...High life my arse...
    -I got a little bored, so I thought that Sarah’s house would be a good place to go for a while, after all, there was supposed to be a big party there later on in the night, so why not break the schedule by going to a big house party? No harm in that is there..? Oh how wrong can a person be...

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