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    Justin V.

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    Jan 6, 2004
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    I'm new here and a total Mike freak. So after listening to Xero songs for about 2 months straight I could finally hear what the hell he was saying. LPA seems busy with more important things so here are the CORRECTED XERO LYRICS!!! Believe me they're all right except for maybe 1 or 2 phrases I'll never be sure of. Here they are for anyone who cares.

    Of course you know what a fuse is...
    It's a long piece of cord impregnated with gun powder
    When you strike a match and light it
    It burns, fitfully, spiraling to it's end
    At which there is, a little surprize

    From the planet of Krypton, short suit MCs you'll be ripped on
    You fell off and it's my lyric sheet you slipped on
    Get gone, spit on mic's made in Hong Kong
    Rock on, sing songs we're mightier than King King
    or Donkey, you think you want me or want this?
    You want some? hold your reputation for ransom
    With these here, handsomely crafted tactics
    To break a snake MC like a cheap prophylactic
    Galactic, space gab that grabs attention
    Got heads noddin' like a Pez candy convention
    Ride on patch traps gas tracks and sections
    Kid says this? he'll need witness protection!

    Try to see what I
    Cant be seeing
    I'll be here (2x)

    Yo dig this,(dig this),yo it's the junkyard crooked letter C-I-entific
    Duck us, the ruckus I'll bring stings your eardrum
    Hear one, lalala loose find me fearsome
    Opposing troops on my home front shall be gone
    Testing the eight-hundred, eighteenth batallion
    Shall I go on? Crews run like rebels
    Enola Gay rhymes kicked the notch up a level
    In intesity, send back attacks that you sent to me
    Blow up your spot with grenades that were meant for me
    Empty 3 verses on 33 MCs
    Swiss change your gear putting shrapnel in the breeze
    Lead MCs with enemy companies with my hand full of lyrics talking 'bout you want these?
    Please! don't even speak the name of channels and go low gadget mic sh*t put it down like pens
    For my friends and my fam better dodge and I'll ram this mic shot through the back of an MCs hand
    With the strength of He-Man, offenders don't want that
    Those fill body fields in hand to hand combat
    Battle cats, it's like the sectional speech warfare words flashing at cordicy
    Compete for days, lyrical shots get lit,
    Don't question my intention when your butt gets kicked

    Try to see what I
    Cant be seeing
    I'll be here
    Tech broke itallic syllabalic attacks
    Try to see what I
    Cant be seeing
    I'll be here
    You want these MCs with lyrical back smacks!

    <whispered> Go ahead! suit yourself!

    Why wait, I shouldn't of told myself! (8x)

    Try to see what I
    Cant be seeing
    I'll be here (2x)
    I'll be here
    Tech broke itallic syllabalic attacks
    Try to see what I
    Cant be seeing
    I'll be here
    You want these MCs with lyrical back smacks!

    Reading My Eyes
    The Microphone Molesta'
    Machete undresser
    Stupid dope fresh tight sh*t resurrector
    Top gun yeah mon best of the besta'
    The living MC peace and resta'
    Successa, the flexa gunna'
    The make funna the advisary make runna'
    Make summa cold with rhymes that spit
    Kickin' gifted, lifted, deliquent 'wit
    I be the prophet, my hand
    Top it, stop it, felt like rockin when I rock it
    Locked it down with this perverse verse
    Every f*ckin' curse I burst to hurt
    Move crowds physical fitness rhymes
    Coke heads couldn't do my lines
    Decorated like christmas pines, my batallion
    MCs become sillohouettes of shock

    Reading my eyes will say it in many ways
    Losing my pride will save it in many days

    Hit the dirt
    Because the words I spit will do more than just rip your shirt
    I'll b*tch slap your soul
    Get back the track control
    You coming at me?
    You can't hack it though
    So rediculous
    Watching my crew get sick with this
    Pitchin this
    Lyrical viciousness
    To crews and cliques
    Maiden, men, and mistresses
    This is my life
    The twilight, the fight night
    And trying to see nothing but the highlights
    When I write
    These eyes on horizons
    Die for my son, cry wrongs and Krylon
    Fire on, rude men telekenetically
    Asyterically beats become a clarity
    Feel varities, heroism, and heresy
    And sever every MC I see with severity


    Why not
    What a keep (3x)

    Why not give me what I came to deserve
    Why not give me what I came to believe (2x)


    They got this song right.

    Stick 'N' Move
    This is how it's done going for the title and crown
    Renowned MC's surround as the beat breaks down
    In 2 elements collidin' at those that bring the best and it's
    The M-I, C the way it ought to be finessed,yes
    Yes am I the one to keep you on your toes?
    (most)Definitely in my b-boy pose
    It's the-a electric pulling you in with a slight twist
    Touch your chin to your chest to the rhythm like this

    and I see what I have, I want you
    To be with me or Stick n' Move
    Now I see what I had,and I want you
    To be with me or Stick n' Move

    MC's dogging me since the first day I grabbed the mic
    Now it's like Sit! Stay!
    Cobra Kai flystyles I'm kickin'
    Stickin' MC's real quick 'cause times tickin'
    At the drop of a defense, I let loose a venom
    Sendin', a shot of verbal heat up in them
    The ending is done, grab your family and run
    Apocalyptic rhyme pattern taking shots at the sun
    Record industry rule, four-thousand-eighty-one
    Question my intentions and your whole world is done
    Like Forrest you'll run, turn your eyeballs into Saturn
    Full Metal Jacket fully auto rhyme pattern


    Stick it, rock your whole clique and I'm wicked,
    Move it, moving all the tunes and you groove it (4x)


    ^_^ That's it.
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    Cal LPA Super Member LPA Super Member

    Apr 9, 2003
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    nice work man! u did really well!
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    Will bread crumbs & white stones LPA Addicted VIP

    Aug 25, 2002
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    I added your corrected lyrics. Thank you. :)
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    Derek Administrator LPA Administrator

    Jul 13, 2002
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    Excellent job on the lyrics :). It really rocks when fans take the time to help us improve the website and help it become more accurate. It's totally appreciated and I'm impressed at how much closer these lyrics were then my versions, its almost embarassing. :blush: :lol:

    *EDIT* We're brushing over the lyrics now for spelling errors or missed words. I'll have will post when everything is 100% perfect. Thanks to your great efforts |2awk.Star, that might be sooner then we think.
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    Justin V.

    Justin V. Professional Lurker

    Jan 6, 2004
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    Thanks guys! No problem with the lyrics. That seems to be my specialty. I love this site more than the official one! I hope it keeps getting better and I only have one question, do you guys have a layout change in the works by any chance? Oh yeah and I did ef up on one little line. "Galactic, space gab that grabs attention" should say "space out gab." That's it I guess. I thank you guys again for posting my corrections. Most admins don't even go to their own boards or take forever to fix something.
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    Mark Canadian Beauty LPA Administrator

    Jul 14, 2002
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    Thank you for your support. :)

    And check back in the near future (trying to be vague. :p). Don't quote me on that, though.

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