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    Cyrus Bolooki Mixes It Up
    8/27/2003 6:46:21 AM - by jaretteast

    New Found Glory drummer Cyrus Bolooki recently spent some time in the recording studio with the South Florida punk band All That's Left. Bolooki's younger brother Andrew plays guitar in the band. When all was said and done, Cyrus had produced 3 new songs for the group. Those songs, "When You Think Outloud", "Please Don't" (featuring Ryan Key of Yellowcard) and "Thizzle Sizzle" can be found at

    Although the guys will be very busy in the upcoming months preparing for the new album, they are always looking for bands to open up for them in the future. Cyrus is also looking for bands that he can work with in the studio.

    For the bands out there looking for a break or hoping Cyrus may want to work with you, try to get your demos to the band (New Found Glory) at one of their upcoming shows. If you can't get it to them at one of their shows, you can always mail it to:

    New Found Glory
    Attn: Demos
    PO Box 46065
    Los Angeles, CA 90046

    That was posted on so any bands out there with demos start sending... ^_^

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