Writing: This Heart of Mine.

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    The road was smooth, and the atmosphere calm and warm.

    Our final vow before we departed,

    A concoction of bad hopes and restless nights.

    Hidden behind this facade, a disquieted heart.

    An anxious mind wandering through the dark abyss.

    Sailing through the rough seas of my restless soul.

    The warmth of your smile, tender words and hearty laughter,

    Anchors of your love I held close for sanity.

    Held close like a ship unwilling to embark.

    Each soothing colloquy, a silent mirror of my hollow self.

    With grand designs and promises.

    An architect of disappointments.

    And on our last day, The eyes will never deceive

    Slight hesitations that looked right on through.

    Into the depths of your thoughts,

    A losing battle, a lost cause, an abandoned ship.

    The soul fears and feels, Through a lonely journey.

    The dark escape, to hide from the light of love and truth.

    Like the canopy above collapsing, I saw the words.

    Spoken like knives through our love, evisceration of our hearts.

    The hours we tried and tried, to find the starlight in our eyes.

    We surrendered to each other, a breakdown of unity.

    And drank from the glass of false hopes and fanciful pacts.

    Between the sparkling and shimmering stars

    Was written with against my cold scars,

    An expected devastation of my unfortunate design,

    This Sad Heart Of Mine.

    Thanks for reading.

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