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    I'm not sure how many people have seen David Spade's The Showbiz Show on Comedy Central, it's a funny show. He has a segment called "There, I Said It" where he says something about Hollywood that will piss most off or at the very least start a debate. Well, I like that idea, and probably have some of my own thoughts that can start a debate, so I figured I should try this on the LPA, except you know, serious issues (religion, politics, social issues, ect). Discuss what I'm about to post your own, or say whats on your mind, as long as it's serious, coherent, controversal (since debates are good) and just isn't going to flat out offend anyone (no racism, ect).

    So whats on my mind today, is the anniversary of Pearl Harbor. No doubt a tragic event, but if I hear one more person say how we should never forget and remember those who died, I'm going to go insane. Those were American soldiers who died, when they enlisted, they knew what they were in for. You've gotta pay to play. I wouldn't be pissed, in fact, I'd agree with most people, if it wasn't for what the US has done. In retaliation, we dropped a couple nukes on Japan. The difference is, we didn't just kill Japanese soldiers, we killed innocent, Japanese civilians. Where's the day of rememberance for them? Where's their memorial? Exact same thing with Iraq and Afghanistan. A couple US soldiers die, it's all over the news and people are upset. A couple thousand Iraqi civilians die. Oh, now it's no big deal. A little hypocritical, don't you think? Make up your fucking minds people. You can't mourn the loss of US troops and then priase the loss of Iraqi troops or civilians. Just some numbers here, in the Pearl Harbor attacks, 2,403 soldiers and 68 civilians were killed. The United State's retaliation attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, well, I'll just quote Wikipedia here since they put it best: "At least 120,000 people, about 95% of which were civilian, were killed outright, and around twice as many over time." 240,000 people killed over time. Don't get me wrong, Pearl Harbor was a tragic event, but what the US did was worse, 100 times worse in fact. Stop mourning war losses people, that's the price of war. Instead, save your mourning for the anniversaries of the tragic murders of John Lennon and Dimebag tomorrow.

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