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    So...check this out. I came up with a crazy (albeit a bit meticulous) way to really analyze which Linkin Park song is your favorite.
    What I want to do is to rank each song on every album separately from best to worst. After this is done, we battle each remaining best song from every album until every song is ranked. Don't be afraid to really dig into this either. Pick apart each song to really decide which song is better than the other. I will do my ranking as an example:

    Overall Ranking
    1.The Little Things Give You Away (MTM1)
    2.Robot Boy (ATS1)
    3.Blackout (ATS2)
    4.Empty Spaces/When They Come For Me (ATS3)
    5.Mark The Graves (THP1)
    6.The Catalyst (ATS4)
    7.Guilty All The Same (THP2)
    8.Session (M1)
    9.Papercut (HT1)
    10.The Requiem/The Radience/Burning In The Skies (ATS5)
    11.Wretches And Kings (ATS6)
    12.Points of Authority (HT2)
    13.Faint (M2)
    14.Jornada del Muerto/Waiting For The End (ATS7)
    15.Hands Held High (MTM2)
    16.Bleed It Out (MTM3)
    17.Wake/Given Up (MTM4)
    18.With You (HT3)
    19.Lying From You (M3)
    20.All For Nothing (THP3)
    21.Lies Greed Misery (LT1)
    22.Drawbar (THP4)
    23.Keys To The Kingdom (THP5)
    24.A Line In The Sand (THP6)
    25. In Pieces (MTM5)
    26.What I've Done (MTM6)
    27.Castle Of Glass (LT2)
    28.Crawling (HT4)
    29.A Place For My Head (HT5)
    30.Roads Untraveled (LT3)
    31.Skin To Bone (LT4)
    32.Until It Breaks (LT5)
    33.In The End (HT5)
    34. Breaking The Habit (M4)
    35.Rebellion (THP7)
    36.In The End (HT6)
    37.By Myself (HT7)
    38.The Summoning/War (THP8)
    39.Valentine's Day (MTM7)
    40.Lost In The Echo (LT6)
    41.Shadow Of The Day (MTM8)
    42.One Step Closer (HT8)
    43.Tinfoil/Powerless (LT7)
    44. Leave Out All The Rest (MTM9)
    45.Until It's Gone (THP9)
    46.Pushing Me Away (HT9)
    47.Victimized (LT8)
    48. The Messenger (ATS8)
    49.Hit The Floor (M5)
    50.From The Inside (M6)
    51.Burn It Down (LT9)
    52.Somewhere I Belong (M7)
    53.Wastelands (THP10)
    54.Wisdom, Justice, And Love/Iridescent
    55.Forgotten (HT10)
    56.Forword/Don't Stay (M8)
    57.No More Sorrow (MTM10)
    58.Easier To Run (M9)
    59.Numb (M10)
    60.Final Masquerade (THP11)
    61.In My Remains (LT10)
    62.Cure For The Itch (HT11)
    63.Figure. 09 (M11)
    64.In Between (MTM11)
    65.Nobody's Listening (M12)
    66.Runaway (HT11)
    67.I'll Be Gone (LT11)
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    Lol this is waaaaay too much fucking work.

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