The Magician

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    This was written about my best friend, who is currently in rehab for alcoholism. It describes how even those closest to him in his life couldn't see the problem until it was almost too late. Referencing the title, like a skilled magician he had us all fooled, until he decided to get his life back on track and go to rehab.

    "The Magician"

    I deceived you all along
    And you were too blind to see
    All along what was wrong
    What was wrong was me

    You see me as a son
    A helper and a friend
    Oblivious to what I've done
    I know you can't contend

    You never saw me imbibe
    Or reach for a bottle
    When it seems like I'm so alive
    Pushing that last throttle

    I had tried to reform
    Out of sincere contrition
    But all I did was conform
    Far away from prohibition

    When I take that swig
    It's like a melancholy dream
    Taking that long lonely ride
    To all corners of my bloodstream

    I feel like I'm flying
    High and clear and free
    Yet I feel like crying
    In the midst of this reverie

    I try to drown the tears
    All the while I'm conceding
    To one of my greatest fears
    My integrity is receding

    It never used to be like this
    I swear this wasn't planned
    Temptation overcame temperance
    For this I will not stand

    I have to fight this feeling
    Or perish in its wake
    The unintended sense of being
    And my recurring mistake

    To be the man I want to be
    Free from these heavy chains
    Imprisoning my personality
    And causing me all this pain

    In this I must succeed
    Otherwise all is lost
    Such is my need to prevail
    And to do so at any cost
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    It's a simple ABAB rhyme scheme but you made it sound great. Awesome work with the wordings! love it!

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