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    Hello people!
    My twin sister and me are currently doing a special support video-project for Linkin Park, their families, friends, and everyone who needs to be heard. First we thought it's gonna be from Belarus fans but it's already international (Belarus, Ukraine, Russia).
    The project's name is "Light The Sky". There is a lot of people in this world who lost their light on their ways. We'll bring it back making the sky all over the world shine by our words. Every phrase of "One more light" song will be translated into 35 different languages. New phrase - new language. As simple as possible :)

    We've already got all 35 participants, but we need a lot of short videos of fans with a message "Light a light" for the final video. The message can be interpreted in any way you want to see it.

    You can really light a light, hug someone you need, just smile, catch a moment of sunrise/star sky, show the most important emotion for you. Anything you want! No words, just acting :)

    So if you'd like to join, just contact me.

    Thank you very much & have a lovely day!

    P.S. I hope this doesn't break the rules of the forum.
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