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    Another day with a blackened dawn
    Another day where I'm a useless pawn
    You bitch, give me what you've stolen
    in spite
    You whore, putrescence, return my life
    With dark wings you put out the sun
    With dark wings you've eclipsed everyone

    Take my hand, don't let it go
    I don't want it, don't need it anymore
    Take my hand and don't let it go
    What has taken will take no more

    You bitch, you took the sun from my
    Let me finish this, I'll show you the meaning
    of spite
    You'll learn to leave well enough alone
    You utter shit, you've cut me to the bone

    I'll kill you

    Take my hand, don't let it go
    I need this like I've never needed it before
    Take my hand, squeeze it till it breaks
    I know now how much to take

    Sycophant, you don't need anything
    Just to do this, do this to me
    Weakness, why don't you invade
    Invade me again and show me my
    Useless, the mirror projects
    Wasted, the mirror reflects
    You needn't speak a word to
    drag me down
    You needn't whisper a thing
    to drown me again

    Drown me again

    Vile, and wasted, again
    Sickened by your smile
    Would you make me cry?
    Will you, you fucking slut?
    I don't know but that I've had
    This is real, this is all too
    This is where I begin to feel
    I'll force feed you my shit to
    show you how
    I'll force feed you my thoughts to
    show you when

    Kill you
    Stifle you
    Crush you
    Defeat you
    Fuck you
    I don't need you anymore
    Fuck you
    I've already seen the bottom
    Crush you
    Today already forgotten
    Defeat you
    With every breath I can take
    Stifle you
    Spite you with each step I take
    Kill you
    It won't take long, just hold your
    Like I've done for too long
    Don't get up again, my will
    is too strong

    Fuck you

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