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    As previously announced, a new song by Demi Lovato called "Still Alive" has been tapped as the lead single off the soundtrack for the upcoming horror film "Scream VI". Linkin Park's own Mike Shinoda is one of the masterminds behind the track, credited with co-writing the song and handling all the production for the recording. Today sees the song's official release, right ahead of "Scream VI" slashing its way into movie theaters around the world.

    "Still Alive" opens with a chirpy synth pluck but quickly reveals itself to be an uptempo pop-rock monster. Demo Lovato rises to the occasion with their intense and dynamic pop-punk vocal performance, perfect for delivering the violent imagery in the lyrics.

    Lovato has also debuted a "Scream"-themed music video for "Still Alive" alongside the song's worldwide release, directed by the Los Angeles-based Jensen Noen. An Instagram post earlier this week featured some behind-the-scenes shots and teased an appearance by Mike Shinoda.

    The video depicts Lovato turning up to a hotel to catch an exclusive screening of "Scream VI" ... only for Ghostface himself to escape the confines of the film world and begin slaying people at the event. Shinoda does indeed make an appearance as promised - he uses his brief screentime to deliver a layered and compelling performance as the film screening's projectionist.

    You can stream and/or download "Still Alive" right now on a variety of platforms. "Scream VI" will open in theatres later this month on March 10 (for U.S. viewers, anyway).
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    Huh, not as bad as expected. Its actually pretty cool.

    But damn, how they massacred my boi Mike :halfkappa:

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