*Spoiler-ISH* My Whole Experience of the album...

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    note: some bad spelling. sorry
    My Experince:

    Requiem and Radiance
    The First two Tracks labels The Requiem and The Radiance are of the atomic bomb being launched. You Can Hear closely with headphones in The Requiem of a person at the end of the tack going "5..4..3..2..1" and then an explosion which continues onto the next track labeled the Radiance, which is a radio interview with/and quote from J. Robert Oppenheimer whom was the scientific director for the Manhattan Project a.k.a. The Atomic bomb...

    Burning in the Skies
    Burning in the skies is basically a continuation from what the first two tracks were, which was about the atomic bomb, The Lyrics speak (in my opinion) about how people watched all the people of japan suffered. (Moral of the story is that the Atomic Bomb was uncalled for)

    Empty Spaces
    With this track, the story reverts to a civil war re-enactment

    When They Come For me
    This song was really hard for me to figure out. The Rap was basically about how people were dissing on mike and how they were coming after him, To which chester throwns in "When They Come For Me, I'll Be gone" this song also toward the end had little bits from empty spaces

    Robot Boy
    Immedetely this track talks about Giving up and not caring. and chester is telling (whoever hes talking to) to not give up and keep going in life...

    Jornada Del Muerto
    Which is spanish for route of the dead man, is actually a Trail that has a lot of history behind it, INCLUDING being the first atomic bomb testing site which backs up the first 3 tracks. Wikipedia ALSO states that the Jornada Del Muerto used to take several days to a week to even cross, which could back up the song Robot Boy.

    Waiting For The End
    Right at the begging of the track, Mike (in a rap tone) states that this not the or beggining, that is just a voice speaking out. Chester is talking about waiting for the end (my guess is the world), Moving on, and trading the current life he has for something new (again, I think for the world). He also states trying to forget the past.
    Ultamitaly, I think this song is about Hurricane Katrina...

    Blackout (Fav. Song)
    After Listening To this song almost 50 Times, I think I was able to decifer this (I never really did before) But according to me, Chester is screaming at the top of his head at the goverment, With lines like "You can't enough you take and take and take and take and take" and "I Sob the words you said,
    to the secrets you've been keeping"
    This song to me talks about the governments lies....

    Wretches And Kings
    This song kinda blends in with Blackout, When this song came out I wanted to figure out what mike was actually trying to say. To put it bluntly, this song is about a riot!
    "Don't fight the power, Nobody gets Hurt"

    Wisdom, Justice, And Love
    This is a speech by MLK Jr. and folks as much as I hate to say it, after looking up this speech. I Almost Cried. "This way of settling differences is not just." This business of burning human beings with napalm, of filling our nation's homes with orphans and widows, of injecting poisonous drugs of hate into the veins of peoples normally humane, of sending men home from dark and bloody battlefields physically handicapped and psychologically deranged, cannot be reconciled with wisdom, justice, and love"
    This was the Declaration of Independence from the War in Vietnam....

    From the lyrics, The song is about troops coming home from wars all over the world.

    Song Lryics are sung over again from burning in the skies.

    The Catalyst
    I Can Now see why they chose this song, because any other song would have gave the whole album away. This song is of course all the mistakes that everyone around the world has made (especially the USA).

    The Messenger
    I Really Can't say much about this song except listen to for yourself. I Can't reveal too much....

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    Nice, I agree with most of what you wrote there. ;)
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    I believe the first verse is about Mike being a guy in power, telling everyone what to do.
    The next verse I think is the people fighting against him.
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    the catalyst..i think...
    is more of realisation of the mistakes everyone made...but its time just before when the they(everyone) are going to pay for thier mistakes..is that they realise thier misrakes...and the ending part of lift me up let me go...refers to taking the punishment and to rise up again and make up for mistakes and do more good...

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