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    After accidentally stumbling upon Silver Snakes on iTunes, I immediately gravitated towards their newest album "Saboteur". Carrying a fan-fucking-tastic sound, yet with only 5,300 fans on Facebook and even less Twitter followers, this band is criminally underrated.


    "Saboteur" constantly balances between sludgy, aggressive metal, and atmospheric alternative rock in a way that's incredibly cohesive, and yet the band is always shifting paradigms within the album. "Glass" as linked above shares electronic/industrial influences and distorted, glitchy vocals that cause the track to scream Nine Inch Nails, while tracks such as "Red Wolf" harken to more alt-metal bands such as Thrice, especially in the gritty vocals. Then you have extended instrumental breakdowns in "Dresden" and "The Loss", tracks that each span nearly ten minutes in length, along with "Devotion" that features some heavy post-hardcore growling. Finally in-between those colossal tracks are more traditional rock tracks like "Electricity" and "Raindance". But the true standout is "Charmer" which sounds incredibly Muse in both vocal range and electronic/orchestral sound.


    I've noticed less and less noteworthy new bands referred to in this section of the forum, so I hope someone gives these tracks a listen and enjoys them as much as I do.

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