Silent War

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    Silent war

    the war within so silent and painful
    to fight the pain and sorrow that attacks me
    and the memories that push within my mind
    reminding me of the past i so dred and hate
    i wish they would go away...

    the war so silent as if a cry for help
    saying Help me i need help
    but i don't know what to do
    so me how to win this battle
    that seems endless ,its seems worthless
    to the fight for something so stupid
    cause all i do is fight and fight
    then deadly yet endless war for my
    freedom ,for my happiness
    its like my own emotions and sorrow
    inslaved me to this war

    this war so silent
    i'm standing there yelling fighting
    telling my army how to fight and what
    to do and how to win but nothing works
    why can't i win yet ...? must this battle go on
    till my own death of inslavemeant as i am forced to
    work for the enemy who tells me in no one
    will ever love you , your worthless your fat your a no body
    your stupid your a failure your nothing god wants

    the war slowly gets louder as i stand and take a stand
    i tell the enemy if i am not worthy of god then why should i
    be worthy to you ..? i then walk away with a smile
    so far i kinda won but not yet there is more to go
    cause if i am alive then i am not worthless to god
    cause how can someone so dear yet not be alive love me
    as ,much as he does..

    cause to god i am worthy of live and being able to be loved
    or cared for or to be alive..

    by Bec

    Ps:feedback please so i can improve my work

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