Shihad - NZ Rock, what do you think?

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    Hey guys,

    So I've been listening to this band for a while now and I just thought I'll share their music here, cause I think they sound awesome!
    If you feel like checking out another band, these guys are worth a shot, I highly recommend them.

    Shihad is a New Zealand rock band with 8 studio albums, currently working to release their 9th. Their upcoming album "FVEY" , has it's first single released, "Think You're So Free" : (Music Video:

    It's funny that they're now going in a similar direction as to what LP did with THP. Shihad's last album, "Ignite", was considered 'poppy' by the band, and now they're angry and want to bring that rage again to a new release harbouring their heavy hard rock roots.

    Now this band isn't very well known internationally, they have a wiki where you can find lyrics to their songs, what their songs are inspired by and more information:

    Some of my favourite songs of theirs:

    General Electric:

    My Minds Sedate:

    Home Again:

    One Will Hear The Other:

    Beautiful Machine:

    Rule The World:


    So what do you think? Don't they rock?!
    Would like to hear everyone's opinions on this :)

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