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    I would write this rhyme for you to show you how much I love you,
    It started off with friends and we become an extraordinary relationship,
    In my mind, you are very beautiful,
    I remembered how I helped you out with your work,
    We chat almost all days and nights,
    We share all the things we have done,
    The way I support you and you support me,
    And I enjoy every moment we had,
    And it seems is gonna last forever,
    But unfortunately there is a barrier,
    Which is the timing that we meet each other,
    I miss all those things we shared.

    You might doubt my credibility of how much I love you,
    I wish to express it all out to you,
    But I hold back,
    The barrier just blocked me from doing so,
    If you ask me how much do I love you,
    I would say infinite.

    There are still a lot of things I haven’t done,
    Hold your hands, hug and kiss,
    And to tell you how much I miss you and love you,
    These are the things that I wanted to do most,
    But it’s all over,
    Things has comes to an end.
    I know the way I left wasn’t fair,
    I left without make things clear and saying goodbye,
    But this is the only way,
    I am afraid I couldn’t hold back,
    I am afraid I will continue dreaming,
    It is time to awake from the dream.

    Every second that I am having now,
    I just thinking about you,
    I am lost of way,
    I don’t know which way to go,
    Sometimes there was this urge to contact you again,
    But I hold back,
    Because I don’t want to make things more complicated.

    If he can provide you a good life,
    I am not afraid to give you up,
    I am not afraid facing this pain alone,
    I am not afraid of telling lies,
    Lies that I don’t love you anymore,
    This is the hardest lie I ever had to do in my life,
    But if it gives you happiness,
    I wouldn’t hold back.

    This rhyme is from the bottom of my heart,
    In the end of this rhyme,
    I want to tell you that I love you and I miss you,
    And I want to say thank you too,
    I promise myself that,
    If in the future that you need my support,
    No matter how far I am,
    I will give you my both hand.
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