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    Coal Chamber frontman Dez Fafara has responded to the recent revelation that Sevendust's current single "Enemy" was written about him, here's what he had to say:
    "With all my focus being on my new project, DevilDriver, I hate to take the time to dignify Morgan Rose's childish comments and hostile allegations regarding Coal Chamber. With that said be sure to check out the BRUTAL HEADBASHING METAL DevilDriver is waiting to unleash on the masses when we are on the road with "The Blackest Of The Black Tour" starting in Texas on October 23. Our self-titled album hits stores on October 28 and is sure to fulfill the appetite of any metalhead. Lastly, I would like to say I am glad that I did not inspire a love song for their lite rock ballad single and for Morgan Rose to please grow up."
    Summarily, Sevendust drummer Morgan Rose has now responded back to Fafara's above mentioned comments, stating:
    "If Dez Fafara thinks my comments were out of line and childish, its interesting that he¹s calling up my wife crying for forgiveness while still talking #### on the internet. To set the record straight, I never had a problem with Coal Chamber, it was always with Dez. No one in the music industry should be surprised that someone finally stood up against this guy, his behavior and the way he treats people. The reason Coal Chamber isn¹t together anymore is because his band mates hated him. And I think most people in my shoes would have taken harsher actions if their wife was treated the way Dez treated Rayna. By the way, who¹s writing Dez's press statements for him?"

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