September 13, 2014 - Quincy, WA

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    The Carnivores Tour heads to Washington!

    Before the tour takes a four stop in California and ends the tour, they head up to Washington for a performance. The show takes place in Quincy, a place that Linkin Park has only played once before. Quincy may not be so super familiar for LP, but the rest of Washington sure are, the band has performed here 15 times! 2000, 2001(#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8), 2003(#1, #2, #3), 2004, 2007, 2012. Washington... never complain that Linkin Park never plays where you are.
    There is so much to talk about with all these Washington performances, but in order to spare you and me what would be a whole page worth of information, let's restrict it to just the Quincy performance. This was part of the Ozzfest run for that year, and this show was the first one to drop Forgotten for some reason. If some of you have not heard the performances from 2001 and Ozzfest specifically, I highly recommend that you track some down and check them out. We are lucky enough to have a full audio recording of the 2001 performance floating around the interwebs, but instead I want to post the only video we have of it, In The End. It's a really great performance and you can check it out here below.

    Is that Chester or Slim Shady?


    Last we caught up with The Carnivores Tour was when they performed in Irvine. Last night the band performed set B with the Remember The Name hybrid verse over the rap medley.
    For once I'm not gonna insert a performance video from the show, but I wanna pull some attention to what Linkin Park has been doing that has not gotten much coverage. The band has teamed up with IAVA and been shouting them out in the shows on this tour on a number of occasions. The IAVA is an orginasation that takes care of veterans. The IAVA has cut together a music video with Wastelands, consisitng of photos and you can check it out here. For more please go to But since there is tradition to post a video from the previous show... here you go.


    As for the show today, this being the fifth last show on the tour, now would be a good time to pull out some surprises for the fans. Maybe someone from Linkin Park can join AFI or 30 Seconds to Mars in their set, or someone from those bands can come out and play during the Linkin Park set. We will just have to wait and see, but hopefully something surprising happens on the rest of the tour.

    After this the band heads back to California for four shows, starting on September 15th and ending the tour on September 19th in Concord.
    The September 15th show will be livestreamed on VyRT, more details can be found on and in the tour post for that show.

    In an initiative to connect the fans of Linkin Park, we here on LPA made a meet up schedule, so if you want to meet some fellow LPA users before the show, the page for all the information and names of who are attending the show is right here. So make it known that you are attending the show, so you can meet some other awesome fans. Remember to tweet pictures to @LPAssociation if you meet some other members.

    What do you think? Will LP play something special at this stop? Come and discuss in our forums.


    01. Mashup Intro #2 (Session / Catalyst / Requiem / Guilty All The Same Intro)
    02. Guilty All The Same
    03. Given Up
    04. Points Of Authority [Shortened]
    05. One Step Closer (Extended Outro)
    06. Blackout [Shortened]
    07. Papercut [Shortened]
    08. Rebellion
    09. Runaway [Shortened] (Wastelands transition)
    10. Wastelands
    11. Castle Of Glass (Experience Version)
    12. Leave Out All The Rest/Shadow Of The Day/Iridescent (Ballad Medley)
    13. Robot Boy [Shortened] (Instrumental)
    14. Joe Solo Medley (Wretches And Kings, Victimized Remix, Buy Myself, Cure For The Itch, Session, Plc.4 Mie Hæd)
    15. Burn It Down
    16. Waiting For The End (Apaches Intro w/ 'Until It Breaks' Verse 2; Wall Of Noise Outro)
    17. Final Masquerade
    18. Mike Solo Medley (Wretches And Kings, Remember The Name hybrid verse)
    19. Numb (Numb/Encore Intro/Outro + Verse 1 Guitar)
    20. In The End
    21. Faint
    22. Lost In The Echo [Shortened] Until It's Gone Sample Intro)
    23. New Divide [Shortened]
    24. Crawling [Shortened] (No Second Verse and Second Chorus); w/ Faster Tempo and With You verse 1)
    25. Until It's Gone [Shortened]
    26. What I've Done (Extended bridge)
    27. Bleed It Out (The Catalyst refrain bridge)
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    Cool post. No one does them like you do, Kev.

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