See You on the Other Side

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    Jan 11, 2005
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    Haven't written anything in awhile, here's my most recent attempt.

    See You on the Other Side

    Pour down water,
    On this thirsty barren land,
    Because the thorns are taking over,
    And piercing our hands,
    Leaving our backs,
    With scars as raw as the black suits,
    They wear to see you say goodbye,

    See you on the other side,
    Where I can breathe again,
    Where I can sleep again,

    Made it so far,
    Just for the ground to disappear,
    All the rotten bodies waking up,
    Waters take away our tears,
    Your breathe is hot,
    My eyes are tired,
    But they never seem to close,

    Let go of the dark whispers,
    Let go of the icy embrace,
    Let go of what you're living for,
    Let go of what you can't ignore,

    These words in blood,
    Are written to stop me falling inside the black,
    Not for you.

    ...thoughts please.

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