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    First off let me say it's been a long time LPA! Most of you may not remember me but I was on this website a long time ago and its fun to be back. Pretty much I'm gonna try to be back on the forum as much as possible. I have something to share with you wonderful people. I've been doing a podcast for a couple of months now that focuses on music, movies, video games and comic books. Basically anything considered nerdy. On this week's episode we talked about Star Wars! Below is the shows description. Please feel check out all the other episode we have up. Currently we are up to 15

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    Just wow. Another week with you pals and gals in the Second City. This weeks episode was dominated by Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens! Jacob, Adrianna and Gabe discuss their feelings about Star Wars and how we felt it stacked up with the rest of the series, especially the original trilogy. We discuss in detail, with no spoilers, some of the scenes that stood out to us. As we said on last weeks episode, we weren't gonna be able to just gloss over it we dedicated about 95% of the episode. We also talked some Star Trek and the potential future of the series. Sadly we encountered some technical difficulties near the end of the show which explains why it end abruptly. May The Force Be With You!

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