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    Hey guys,

    first of all, I am sorry for not speaking english that good I am from Germany.

    A few days after Chester passed away I was reading an older (!) interview, unfortunately I cannot find it again now. Maybe some of you can help me, I am going to give you the information I still know about it.

    • I am not a 100% safe but I guess it was from Kerrang
    • It was a very long and detailed interview about the history of the band (more later)
    • Mike explained that Chester and the band first become friends at Minutes To Midnight times and that before there was a time Chester struggled with addiction to drugs and alcohol but then he realized how bad his behaviour was to the others around him, C said
    • Mike explained that Chester had to put so much work (more than all the others) only to be able to be the guy everyone loved after Meteora
    • Mike explained that he thinks Chester was working harder than everyone else in the band and he said that Chester always said that they have to work harder even though it is not possible
    • I am not a 100% sure but I think it later talks about an upcoming album
    • It has to be from MTM/ATS/LT/THP times (maybe but I don't think so also before OML)
    Hopefully someone know what I am talking about. Most rememberable quote for me was "we've first become friends at MTM".

    Thank you guys !!!

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