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    arT saveS

    arT saveS Y2K

    Dec 19, 2002
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    Wake to a dark red sky,
    With black clouds pouring rain…

    Sadness in dark eyes
    Shadowing fear in my hollow heart
    This betrayal I am…
    So lost beside myself
    A pitiful being locked in a cage…

    Are you happy on your throne?

    Tempest raging…
    Contagious wrath in this continuous…
    Sphere of darkness; bleak, death, empty
    Casting gloom onto optimism
    Circle of light that brings…
    All of our beliefs into spectrum

    Lost in the rainstorm
    Pouring inside my head
    Concentration of thought…
    Lost like me

    I am surrounded
    So I surrender to the voices…
    Loss, lies, why do you mislead…
    Piercing my ears with deception
    Smothering me with your word…
    That I would love to kill

    I crave sanctuary against you…
    Ironic words to feed my anger
    I reflect as I reveal your downfall,
    Your demise, your destruction, your death…
    (Would make everything alright)
    No more religion, no more beliefs…
    No more killing

    Yet even those who wish the slaughtering to stop…
    Must kill to bring murder to an end…

    Mortality is the endless existence of ignorance
    Bringing pity onto your miscarriage of a creation

    Dreaming of existing…
    Waking to the knowledge…
    That it is all just a delusion…
    Watching victims of creed
    Sedate themselves with values
    Principles, standards, ethics…
    The walls that hold everyone back from…
    Endless understanding of everything…
    Wake up…

    To the stench of murder and bloodshed,
    Swallowed whole, rotting in deceit
    Wake up to the bullshit that we endure
    Wake up…
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    The Outsider

    The Outsider Billy Corgan = God

    Aug 15, 2005
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    very moving ^_^
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    D_A_V_I_D Pure Pwnage

    Feb 17, 2005
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    Brilliant ;)

    If you had entered the poetry competition i would have absolutely no chance of winning (compared to the very little i have at the moment.)
    Great work.

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