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    don't do this

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    Jul 4, 2004
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    i just made this n guys...feel free to comment frankly(plz i'll take the criticism too..coz i know it'll help)
    i'm new at this stuff so i'm not pretty sure of this one


    I'll pay you back for what you've done
    and torment you till I have won
    your very soul will shrink from me
    what your end will be,you will see

    You tried my patience now you'll pay
    like you shattered my soul that day
    I can never forget the sorrow the pain
    from your life all the happiness I'll drain

    I'll make you cry like you made me long ago
    the broken pieces of your life will blow
    the winds will take you far from destiny
    I promise you,I'll make your life dreary

    You'll beg you'll cry
    in pain and grief you'll die
    what you did to my life wasn't worth forgiving
    I'll make yours not worth living

    Red hot the fire denies
    darkness where danger lies
    the time has gone it will not stay
    you'll curse the day you crossed my way
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    ~*Numb*~ Well-Known Member

    Jun 8, 2004
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    it's really good but i am glad that i am not the person you are talking about! :lol:

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