Re-Review Minutes To Midnight

Discussion in 'Linkin Park Chat' started by Luke, Feb 25, 2008.

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    The Joker

    The Joker Well-Known Member

    Mar 20, 2006
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    Wake: An ok intro for the album. Nothing overly impressive 5/10

    Given Up: Definitely one of my favorite songs on the album. I absolutely love the chorus and the long scream. 9/10

    Leave Out All the Rest: This was one of the few softer songs that I really liked when I first heard the album. It still remains one of my favorite songs and a great change of pace on this album. 8/10

    Bleed It Out: I loved this song the first time I heard it and that hasnt changed one bit. I absolutely love Mike on this track. 9/10

    Shadow of the Day: This was a song I would have ripped apart when I first reviewed this album. I just didnt like it at all. But when I came back and listened to it a few more times I actually started liking it. Its still not a great song in my opinion but it could be a lot worse. 6/10

    What I've Done: I didnt know what to think when I first heard this song last April. All I know is that I couldnt stop listening to this song! It hit me the more and more I listened to it. I really loved the music video as well and this remains one of the best tracks on Minutes to Midnight. 9/10

    Hands Held High: Ok I never was a big fan of this song and Im still not. Im not going to say its horrible but its not very good all. This is tied for my least favorite song on the album. 2/10

    No More Sorrow: One of my favorite Linkin Park songs ever. I remembered hearing this song live and couldnt wait to get the studio version. I adore the intro and Chester's screaming in this track. 10/10

    Valentine's Day: Another one of the songs I did not like on the first couple of listens and this song has grown on me a little bit. The best part is when Chester sings "on a valentine's day". 5/10

    In Between: This is tied with Hands Held High for the weakest song on the album. I do not like this song at all. I think No Roads Left was a lot better than this and should have replaced it on the album. 2/10

    In Pieces: I hated this song at first. I hated the music and I didnt like Chester's vocals on it. Well Im still not a big fan of the music on this song but the song has grown on me a little. Brad's solo is definitely the highlight of the song for me. 6/10

    The Little Things Give You Away: I liked this song at first but I didnt get why a lot of people were in love with this song. I now understand just how beautiful this song really is. The last 2 minutes of the song is simply amazing. This was the perfect way to end this album. 10/10

    No Roads Left: I still dont understand why this wasnt on the album. this was a lot better than In Between. Mike's singing is really good and I dont see how they could have done this song with Chester doing vocals. 7/10

    This album is good and its a lot better than I thought at first listen. I remember being disappointed with this album at first but I gave it a few months and went back and listened to it and I changed my mind. There are still a few songs that arent great and arent up to par but there are some great tracks on here. If No Roads Left had replaced In Between this album would have been even better. This album isnt as good as Hybrid Theory and Meteora but it still has its place in Linkin Park's catalog. Im curious to see where they go from here.

    Overall: 7.5/10
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    Sid Well-Known Member

    Aug 23, 2008
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    Uhhhmm....what I think can't really write a track by track review at a particular time, you know. It would vary from time to time. Even in the same album, you suddenly start to like one particular track which you probably didn't like before.

    Example: I used to live Given Up when the album came out. Then there was this certain point where it was an "average song" for me, like nothing very special. Now I like it again, you know, the guitar parts and the scream and all. The bass line is very catchy.

    But well, that's what I think. :)
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    Klootzak Well-Known Member

    Mar 13, 2007
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    I just re-listened the 3 LP albums after a long time of not listening to any Linkin Park and I have to say that MTM is the best of the bunch.

    Wake, Bleed It Out, Leave Out All the Rest and Little Things are good, solid tracks. Especially TLTGYA which is one of the best songs they have written. (if not the best)^_^
    What I've Done is pretty good aswell and In Between is pretty sweet for what it is.

    Given Up, No More Sorrow and Hands Held High had great potential. But LP didn't quite finish those up as well as the aforementioned tracks, imo. Given Up sounds unfinished to me and I don't like the "amen" chorus on HHH. I can't quite put my finger on what I think is wrong with NMS.
    I'm torn about In Pieces. I don't know if I like or dislike it. :p

    I don't like Valentine's Day and Shadow of the Day. Valentine's Day sounds like a DBS song and I don't like Chester's side project (save for one or 2 songs). Shadow of the Day is basicaly Linkin Park doing a U2 song. I can't stand U2. (the instrumental thingy at the end is pretty cool, though.) :sleep:

    No Roads Left should've been on the album.:ermm:

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    Jesse Out of the abyss. LPA Über VIP

    Apr 27, 2007
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    Ummm. Current moods of M2M
    Wake: Damn Good
    Given up: Meh
    Leave Out All The Rest: Great
    Bleed it Out: Okay
    Shadow of the Day: Really Good
    What I've Done: Ditto
    Hands Held High: PERFECT
    No More Sorrow: Good
    Valentines Day: Really Good
    In Between: A+ Awesome
    In Pieces: Really good
    The Little Things Give You Away: Almost EPIC
    No Roads Left: Epic.

    The end.
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    SecondCityKids Hey John, What's Your Name Again? LPA Super Member

    Feb 13, 2008
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    Current ratings (without explanation)
    Wake- 8/10
    Given Up- 8/10
    Leave Out All The Rest- 7/10
    Bleed It Out- 7/10
    Shadow Of the Day- 5/10
    What I've Done- 6/10
    Hands Held High 10/10
    No More Sorrow- 6/10
    Valentine's Day- 4/10
    In Between- 0/10
    In Pieces- 6/10
    Little Things- 7/10
    No Roads Left- 10/10
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    Tomozaurus Well-Known Member

    Oct 5, 2006
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    Its an intro. It doesn't get reviewed.

    Given Up (6/10)
    People over-rate this track too much. Its generic mainstream post-hardcore.

    Leave Out All The Rest (7/10)
    Pretty nice song. Some great hooks and a beautiful chorus save this song from mediocrity.

    Bleed It Out (7.5/10)
    Scores are creeping up. A good solid track. Mike changing his LP rapping style to match his FM style was genius, it sounds much less forced this way, and flows better. Boring, albeit catchy, chorus hold the score down a little.

    Shadow Of the Day (5.5/10)
    Boring U2 rip off. Gets better towards the end when Brad comes in, but its just crappy early on.

    What I've Done (8/10)
    Can't be denied that this is a great song. Very well written right from the haunting piano intro to Mike's "na-na's" in the outro.

    Hands Held High (6.5/10)
    Great lyrics. Good performance from Mike. The organ also sounds good. Unfortunately the stupid chorus and the fact that the song barely changes throughout hold this song back from being really good.

    No More Sorrow (9/10)
    Don't know why this song has been getting low scores. Its truly one of the best on the album. That intro is just epic, and again solid lyrics, something I have not come to expect from LP.

    Valentine's Day (8/10)
    Same as above. Its a fantastic song. Beautifully crafted verses and a whole lot of build up to a big outro. People need to get off this songs back.

    In Between (4/10)
    The same can't be said for In Between. Its just a weak track in almost every way. No Roads Left blows it out of the water.

    In Pieces (7.5/10)
    I do like this song, but the verses kind of ruin it a little. Everything else is top quality though. Great solo by Brad.

    Little Things Give You Away (8.5/10)
    Its an awesome song. Heaps of build to a truly dramatic finish. Brad's melodic solo is wonderful.

    No Roads Left (10/10)
    Up there with the best tracks LP has ever written. Love everything about it.

    Overall 7.5/10
    Its a good, solid effort. Tickles me more than Meteora, but can't match HT. Just few too many mediocre tracks, and its strongest effort isn't even really on the album.

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