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Discussion in 'Other Music' started by cooljelly, Jun 28, 2005.

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    Jun 26, 2004
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    Right works like this. List all the tracks on the album. Rate each track. Then rate the album overall. So here we go:


    1.(515) 7/10-Kool but bit repetative

    2.People=Shit 10/10-The best slipknot song ever! So fuckin' heavy!

    3.Disasterpiece 9/10-A really well made tune, but goes on too long

    4.My Plague 8/10-Great single, like the way he actually sings in it aswell.

    5.Everything Ends 8/10- Was my favourite 'Knot song before but realised that it could have been made better.

    6.The Heretic Anthem 7/10-Like the idea of a heretic anthem, but not very good when it come to putting skill into guitar.

    7.Gently 9/10-Another great tune, though I prefer the mate, feed, kill repeat version.

    8.Left Behind 10/10-Really amazing! All instruments doing what they should be. Playing decent music. And the vocals are just superb. Fuckin rock on Slipknot!!!

    9.The Shape 9/10-Great lyrics and vocals, but intro is just annoying! :mellow:

    10.I Am Hated 7/10-Obviously great song to relate to, but the verse music is a bit shit.

    11.Skin Ticket 4/10- Quite poor to be honest, no excuse for dragging the same lyrics on for 6:41!

    12. New Abortion 5/10-Nah don't really like it. Verses are just poor.

    13.Metabolic 4/10-Like the lyrics, but the vocal organisation is again indeed very poor. You're better than this Corey!

    14. Iowa 3/10-Total fuckin waste of CD space. I literally fell asleep listening to this.

    Overall Rating: 8/10

    Now you try....
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    a life in ashes

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    Jan 11, 2005
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    Mudvayne-Lost and Found

    1.Determined- 8/10

    I like this track alot, although i feel it could be a little longer. and the chorus could have more intelligent lyrics.

    2.Pushing Through- 7/10

    another strong track, it has a very strong finish, but the stop and re-start half-way through annoys me, and is a little pointless I feel.

    3.Happy?- 10/10

    the best track on the album IMO. pure perfection, in everyway, especially the lyrics.

    4.IMN- 6/10

    another good old Mudvayne song although i think they delayed intro and the outro are a little pointless.

    5.Fall Into Sleep- 9/10

    another fantastic track, although i think the ending should be heavy and not the quiet fade out that it is.

    6.-Rain.Sun.Gone- 8/10

    i think the lyric structure on this could be better but other than that it kicks ass.

    7.Choices- 3/10

    a good song but the ini-mini-mini-mo bit annoys me no end, and ruins the song IMO.

    8.Forget To Remember- 9/10

    another strong track, but i think it falls down a bit on the section after the bridge.

    9.TV Radio - 7/10

    it's a clearly a good song, but it's not really to my taste and
    i don't think it suits Mudvayne.

    10. Just- 8/10

    good song but a little repetative if you ask me.

    11. All That You Are - 6/10

    the start although a welcome change, i think goes on too long, but otherwise a good song.

    12. Pulling The String- 8/10

    a good strong traditional finisher, it rocks !

    overall rating: 8/10
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    Mar 13, 2005
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    Goddammit, I was about to post a "Album review" thread.

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