Quiet You

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    Hey, it's been awhile since I've posted some writing. I wrote this today as sort of an exercise, but it ended up coming out halfway decent. Keep in mind, I write lyrics to folk songs (think Wilco or Woddy Guthrie style) so they might be a little different (less angsty?) than some other stuff, so you might not like it as much. Either way, I expect full honesty from all y'all. Feedback me!

    Quiet You
    There's a continent of men
    All dressed in several different rows
    With different verses, different prose
    That someday all amounts to dust
    And in our heads we are all casualties
    Of over-thought and what means naught
    Obsessive or compulsive
    Or both

    But there's still a dense fear in my gut
    It stands for every one of us
    We're all just people in places
    To the leaders with the papers
    And if that stands in our way
    If we're too locked in tune to change
    I'll plunge head-first into
    Solitary notes

    I ask no questions
    I make no exceptions
    I've got no drive to learn your lines
    I'm discomposed enough by mine

    There's a time and place for words
    If you can stomach what you've heard
    Please make no effort to be civil
    It's an ever-opened door
    We'll fracture reason and the truth
    It makes no difference what you do
    When we're all backwards, thick-headed
    Or both

    Please ask no questions
    And make no exceptions
    It's all a farce until you see them
    Show the fascists you're for freedom

    They'll draw up charts and write up graphs
    And load your guns with love from strangers
    All so helpful, all so ready
    All their eyes are getting heavy
    They'll read the scripts and follow maps
    And cross your foreheads up with ash
    All so rhythmic, all so steady
    Still my head it gets so heavy
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