Project 86 Decisions Answered?

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    Some of you (along with myself) are probably wondering about some of the decisions that Project 86 has made thus far, and what some of those songs on Truthless Heroes are really about. I came across an interesting little 'article' supposedly from a close friend of the band. Wether this is truly legit or not is up to you.

    Truthless Heroes
    • Last Meal was actually written about their old label, Tooth and Nail Records. Legal counsel was strongly discouraged by Ebel Inc., and they threatened to drop them if they sought counsel. They (Ebel) forced them to sign for seven records at a royalty that after being analyzed years later, bordered on slavery and criminal. This song was written to bring justice to the situation.
    • Your Heroes are Dead is about P86s former management team, the supposed "Christian" management team who has singlehandedly taken POD and Blindside from virtual obscurity to what they are today. P86 was politically leveraged out of the equation because said management decided that they were not worthy of the attention necessary to break the band. Money was taken unethically from P86 just prior to the parting of ways, and Truthless Heroes was sacrificed because the band had no manager to work it. This is the main reason that neither Truthless Heroes nor Drawing Black Lines recieved the attention from ATLANTIC it deserved. Yes, management companies have a lot of weight in this business and can actually decide who succeeds, and who fails. The song is about having no support whatsoever from the people who promised it.
    • From the beginning, TH was written as a means to get Atlantic to buy the contract from Tooth and Nail, and thus get P86 out of their horrible scenerio. In many ways the songs, the lyrics, the creativity were controlled by Atlantic. This had an influence on how the songs sounded, the preponderance of melody, and the loss of the "rawness" of Drawing Black Lines. The band responded by writing a record cloaked in metaphor about the powerlessness of being on a major label that controls a large majority of what you do.
    • The hero who dies tragically in the Truthless Heroes story was, in fact, a metaphor for the fact that this record actually WAS sacrificed and killed so that P86 could get out of all these situations. It DID get them out of their management deal and record deals so they could bring the truth, and REAL MUSIC back to us, the fans, where it belongs without
      all the bull.

    More Info on the Record Deal

    • Ironically, Atlantic did in fact buy Project out their deal after a year and a half of negotiation, sleepless nights, heartache, headache, and betrayal. Said management almost blew the deal off the day before it was to be finished because they deemed it "not a good enough deal," though it in fact was a deal that would pay almost double the royalties that they were getting before. Nevermind the fact that said management had never taken the time to look over the p86 contract for the first three years of their relationship, during which time P86 constantly fought to have their business affairs handled in a timely, ethical, and honest manner, which they never actually were.
    • The reason why P86 will never again tour with POD and Blindside is because said management will never allow it.
    • The band cannot expose any of this for legal reasons, threats of lawsuits, and restraining clauses in their former record deals.

    To finish it all off, here's a quote from Former P.O.D guitarist Marcos Curiel:

    It this is really legit, it certainly sheds a lot of light as to why Project is releasing Songs to Burn Your Bridges By on their own label.

    By the way, a raw, unedited version of this can be found at:

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