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Discussion in 'News' started by Derek, Jan 27, 2003.

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    Derek Administrator LPA Administrator

    Jul 13, 2002
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    Preorders are now availible for the UK release of Linkin Park's new album Meteora. The new album is expected to ship 48-72 hours from the release date so pre-order now to ensure you get a copy right away! However since it will be an import, prices will be a little more expensive as you can see from the price list below. However since economy and money management are different for different countries although they may seem like a lot more, they are actually around the same amount.

    Also the reason the prices are possibly higher then buying a cd from a shop is because pre-orders always tend to be a bit more expensive then normal in-stock orders.

    Please keep in mind that these prices probably do not include shipping and handling.
    Australia 32.61
    Brazil 68.88
    Canada 29.38
    Denmark 132.49
    European Countries(With the currency Euro) € 17.87
    Hong Kong 149.88
    India 929.23
    Japan 2,272
    Mexico 207.43
    New Zealand 35.01
    Norway 133.69
    Singapore 33.09
    Sweden 166.06
    Switzerland 26.86
    UK £ 11.99
    US $ 19.30

    To preorder to go the following URL:

    Click "Add To Basket" Then "Checkout" keep in mind that the current prices are set to US and UK so you may need to click "Change Currency" to set it to your correct price.
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    Todd FLǕGGȦ∂NKđ€ČHIŒβǾLʃÊN LPA Administrator

    Jul 14, 2002
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    are they expecting Meteora to be that much of a hit that they need pre-orders? Not suprising.

    But I hope I can walk into Best Buy when they open their doors that Tuesday morning and pick up a copy
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    Frost Member

    Jan 30, 2003
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    I think you'll be able to get a copy... I think it will sell very fast but I'm sure Best Buy and Circuit City will have plenty of copies... I hope so at least... I'll be there the morning the CD comes out too!
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