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    So, here's a thread for track by track reviews. I'll start it 'cause an italian one just came out and I'm here to sum it up for you. I'm gonna talk even about the songs that are already out (excluding the three songs from the EP), mainly because there's the chance that someone that didn't listened to them wants to know something about them. Here's the link to the original review:

    Alright, here we go:

    First thing, the reviewer says that he wasn't able to catch most of the lyrics during the listening party, so he can't give a full judgment of the songs, since most of them are very personal for Mike.

    Nothing Makes Sense Anymore: the song follows the dark trend of the EP. The instrumental is described as the less elaborate one from the album, with Mike singing only over synthetizers.

    About You: the reviewer criticize the song for being overly-produced, abusing of vocoders and samplings. He doesn't even like blackbear's part in the song. It's mainly a personal point of view here.

    Brooding: it's compared to A Thousand Suns for its experimentation. Synths and a guitar riff are mentioned for the intro.

    Promises I Can Keep: it's the personal favourite of the reviewer. The song is introduced by this question: "What's the difference between a man and a monster?". This song is decribed as a constant crescendo, showing off Mike's melodic skills.

    Crossing A Line: the main single is described as a simple pop song, but doesn't find something worth mentioning about it.

    Hold It Togheter and Ghosts: the reviewer puts these two tracks togheter, saying that they vaguely resemble the catchy-est vibes from The Rising Tied, but finds them lacking in originality. (Not getting the lyrics might be an important factor here)

    Make It Up As I Go: this is described as anonimous pop rap song, one that can be pretty divisive. A drop is mentioned.

    Lift Off: the reviewer is very positive about this song, which is described as "soft". Mike raps in the first verse, MGK in the second one, while Chino Moreno sings.

    I.O.U. and Running From My Shadow: this songs are darker than the previous ones, with aggressive rapping.

    World's On Fire: this song is described as "quiet", with Mike singing over a static base of drum machine. Synthethizers and vocoder are occasionally used.

    Can't Hear You Now: a good ending for the album, with rapped verses and a singed, catchy choruses.

    The reviewer ends the article saying that it's hard to really judge the album, for it's personal content.

    There you go. It's not very detailed, but tbh most track-by-track aren't.
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